Sexist, Old Fashioned or Well Mannered?

   Today our family got together for Veronica’s, my little sister, 14th birthday party celebration. My Mom had just gotten off work and was a little razzed. A co-worker had called her sexist today. Let me explain the context. My Mom works at a gas station convenience store that also has a A&W and a […]

Just Another Day

   Well the past two days have been pretty normal around here. My Grandparents stopped by this afternoon on their way to the VA for Grandpa’s appointment. It was the first time they had seen little Brody. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Grandpa Jeffrey approved him and said he’s a keeper! haha […]

Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!

REALLY??? How long until he figures out I’m here?  Let me start this post by saying I love my job! Really, I do! Stay at home Mother of 4, Two dogs, and occasionally my almost 14 year old sister. It is a very hectic job. That being said, I believe I do a pretty good job of managi […]

Food, Family & Freak Out’s

Butch & his baby brother Brody Puppy Balto  So this afternoon was the day we celebrated my Mom’s birthday. We had barbecue ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and french onion dip and cake afterward. We got a late start but it was ok, the ribs needed some extra time anyways. I hea […]

Destructive..until he speaks

..Yes there is quite the story behind this! My Mom asked that I share this with everyone simply because it’s the old tale of your kids will be worse than you were as a child. I have been dreading that and have hoping, praying and wishing for that to be yet another old wives tale, until I stumble […]