Bruiser’s Birthday Party

     Bruiser’s birthday party was a hit! He had SO much fun! We had a good turnout, my family from out of town were unable to make it so that was a bummer. We all visited for awhile and then when it came time to open presents the living room filled with people and the wrapping paper started flying […]

Some Pictures

Bruiser’s Birthday Card from Grandma & Grandpa Tweet […]

Bruiser is 3 and Off to Pre-School

   Well today my leap day baby Bruiser turned 3 years old, AND got on the bus and headed to pre-school…without me…huh, sad. It’s true, he’s growing up. I suppose I don’t mind as much as I did with the older two, MeMe and Butch, but man it was boring here without him. He has so much personality I t […]

My Psycho Mom Threatens My Neighbor!!

   I had to write this post tonight and as fast as I can before I forget any of the story! First some background info. Our house is on the corner lot. My Mom is over often to visit the kids, we have her over for dinner a couple times a week, my teenage sister comes over for tutoring etc. etc. She i […]

Photographers In Training…Sherman Kids!

   Today so far has been a very laid back day! Unfortunately I was unable to sleep in as late as I usually do on the weekends. My phone rang early this morning 9am, I know, I know..but the weekends are my time to sleep in and rest up. I ignored it the first time, checking my caller id after the dan […]

Brody & His New Toy!

   YAY!! Brody got a new, fun Johnny Jump Up and he LOVES it! Unlike the other 3 Sherman children, Brody hates laying around whether its on his belly or back. He wants to be up looking around checking out this crazy house! Believe it or not Sherman and I just don’t have the time to hold him upri […]

Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

  Well, we survived Bruiser’s first day of school, barely! Chris was very upset and it was hard on him.  Bruiser’s pre-school is only two days a week and for 2 hours each day. We visited the class and Bruiser had a lot of fun! He found a neat bell at the end and had so much fun ringing it he didn […]

A Trip to Fargo…to see the Dr.

  Well today started earlier than usual for me, being I am NOT a morning person! My mom came over to watch Bruiser and Butch while Sherman, MeMe, Brody and I headed to Fargo for some appointments. First a little background information to catch everyone up. MeMe is my preemie baby. She was born in 2 […]

Weekends & Snow Days

  Good Morning! As Bruiser would say “I’m Back” haha! I didn’t really post this weekend because we didn’t really do anything. Majority of the weekend was spent laying around watching movies, reading and intervening in the kids arguments, screaming matches and melt downs, luckily we only had one bat […]

You Can Have Fun, Even On Sick Days..Sorta

Zane could sleep anywhere Brody up late with me Guard of Sherman House, currently on squirrel Patrol So the past couple days have been swamped. I have been so incredibly busy with kids, trying to get over this darn cough and stuffy nose, laundry, etc. etc. MeMe stayed […]