Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

  Well, we survived Bruiser’s first day of school, barely! Chris was very upset and it was hard on him.  Bruiser’s pre-school is only two days a week and for 2 hours each day. We visited the class and Bruiser had a lot of fun! He found a neat bell at the end and had so much fun ringing it he didn’t want to leave! We live about 3 blocks from his school so we drove by it 3 times yesterday and when Butch had asked Bruiser “Is that your school Bruiser” he got very excited and started talking so fast you could barely understand anything then when he realized we were not planning to stop and that we were only driving by he get so sad and started to cry and literally said “Mom, I sad” and yes, totally tugging at my heart strings! I am very happy and excited for Bruiser, he is going to transition very nicely and have a blast doing it!!
  Tonight starts our weekend, I talked to Chris over his lunch break and it sounds like a relaxing evening with movies is on the agenda. I think it will be a lazy weekend, I believe Chris has a TON of homework and reports to finish up, and I am Still not feeling up to par, still sick and icky, I know it has lasted forever! I may have some photos to upload later and if my new camera shows up this weekend, expect a trial photo shoot, once I get it, I’m going to want to play and try all the settings and stuff like that! YAY!! I do have some stuff to post later, so check back for that…Until Then….


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