Sexist, Old Fashioned or Well Mannered?

   Today our family got together for Veronica’s, my little sister, 14th birthday party celebration. My Mom had just gotten off work and was a little razzed. A co-worker had called her sexist today. Let me explain the context. My Mom works at a gas station convenience store that also has a A&W and a Hot Stuff. My Mom and a co-worker were watching  the pumps when my Mom asked the co-worker who happens to be younger if he seen a problem with the customers on pump 4(I have no idea what pump it was). He said what, no snow? The customers happened to be driving a snowmobile so that could have been a great answer considering the weather has been amazing and the snow was melting. She said no, look again, he rambled off maybe 2 more answers both of which my Mom said was incorrect and not what she was looking for. My Mom finally said “oh come on, the guy is standing there with his arms crossed watching the Woman pump the gas, don’t you see a problem with that?” He was somewhat shocked and said she was sexist. So my Mom gets off work and her and Veronica come over for the birthday party and taco bar. My sister Stacia was already here and we were just sitting around chatting when my Mom asks us this question. Stacia sided with the guy saying Women fought for equality and that there is no problem with the Woman pumping the gas and that if you want the door opened for you and your gas pumped and so on, then you shouldn’t be able to vote because they go hand in hand. She got pretty heated about it saying that she is way to important and has better things to do than to stand around for some Man to open a door or pump her gas for her. Sherman and I on the other hand happen to side with my Mom in the belief that absolutely a man should hold the door open for a woman or pump her gas etc. etc. However, Sherman and I believe we have a very “old fashioned” relationship. We often laugh to ourselves that it seems our marriage and our beliefs are very 50’s like. Sherman worked very hard and after being married for less than a year I quit my job and I started my new role as a stay at home Mom. Sherman views that as an accomplishment and LOVES me at home. Sherman feels that work is a Man’s duty and Women should care for the home, and the kids. With 4 kids and 2 dogs that itself is a very hectic job. I LOVE my job and I also feel the same way as Sherman. Others have many opinions such as I’m lazy and I should be working, Sherman is controlling me, Things should be 50/50, or that it is plain stupid. We prefer it this way and it works fantastic! No daycare costs, my kids don’t have to ride the bus, etc. etc. Sherman also has other beliefs, that I don’t exactly share, but also don’t mind. I am fully capable of pumping my own gas, shoveling the sidewalk, mowing the lawn and taking out the trash, however Sherman feels that is a Man’s job and is always on top of it. I have not pumped gas since we have been married. I have not mowed since we have been married and very rarely have I had to take out the trash. I have shoveled a few times but only the stairs and a potty patch for the dogs during snow storms while Sherman is at work and the snow is too deep for our dogs. During a storm last winter when Sherman happened to be working a night shift I went out to shovel and my cell phone happened to ring and boy did I get an ear full! I promptly put away my shovel and went back inside, only because I was already sick with strept and I really should not have been out in the cold, he was furious that I would compromise my health any further. I raise our son Butch to open doors for Women and elderly. I believe it’s part of teaching your kids manners.
  I don’t think there are a lot of people that have the same beliefs as us. I am wondering what you, my readers believe.  Do you think it is sexist to have a man pump the gas, shovel the walks, open the door for you etc. etc.? Also, do you and your spouse have and beliefs that other’s would think are odd or strange? Are our beliefs really that far-fetched?

    On another note, the kids and their sleepovers went great! They had a blast! As soon as we got home we made some pizzas from Papa Murphys and then the girls and I went to the mall and we set up or cookie cupboard and our troops sold quite a bit of girl scout cookies. The girls worked on some badges and they had a blast! When we got home the boys were playing Just dance 2 and laughing like crazy! The girls played on the computer a little bit, then they played some wii and then the movies started playing and the girls and I camped out in the living room watching movies and the boys camped out upstairs watching movies, it was a pretty long night, the kids sure have quite the staying up power! hahaha! In the end all went well, no major arguments, or fights and the 4 kids got along great! Even Bruiser had fun!

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  1. My husband and I keep to traditional roles though neither of our sets of parents did. It’s illogical to equate a desire for chivalry with our right to have a vote. That is the truly sexist remark.

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