Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!

Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
How long until he figures out I’m here?

 Let me start this post by saying I love my job! Really, I do! Stay at home Mother of 4, Two dogs, and occasionally my almost 14 year old sister. It is a very hectic job. That being said, I believe I do a pretty good job of managing it all, and I hope those that know me well would agree. I may not be the best neat freak, housekeeper out there, after all, I don’t see a paycheck from Merry Maids in my bank register, or a name tag on my shirt. I am also not  a 5 star quality Chef, I have never cooked a scallop, beef wellington or risotto, and wouldn’t dare try out to be a contestant on Chef Ramsey’s Hells Kitchen! Hearing critiques from Chris and the kids is one thing, having Chef Ramsey yelling at me and making me wish I had never touched a pan in my life, yeah um, no thanks, you won’t be finding that on my bucket list! He may be gorgeous, but I would rather meet him at a book signing or as a patron of his restaurant! The majority of my day is made up of cleaning, light cooking, puppy training, potty training, breastfeeding, paperwork, laundry, and entertaining Bruiser and Brody. While MeMe and Butch are at school I try to balance play, some sort of educational activity, and keeping the dogs in line. Of course this all depends on Brody and how

Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
& they think my job is easy!

 much and how often he wants to nurse. As you all know it will vary day to day. Bruiser is very good at understanding the needs of his baby brother. He is also extraordinarily understanding of the whole situation and the fact that I may be busy when he needs me and his patience is high. I was nursing  Brody and watching days of our lives while Bruiser was playing. As always he wandered off and was bored. Usually he heads upstairs to watch cartoons during this time. Today I didnt turn on his cartoons for him so he went to play elsewhere. After Broden had his fill and was burped, I went to find Bruiser. To my surprise he was in the laundry room. He had dumped out the baskets of both clean and dirty laundry and was flinging it

Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
Hoe much worse could this possibly get?

 the clothes around the room. Picking it up and throwing it as high and far as he could. As frustrated as I was, I could not pass up the photo op. He had the laundry room door so I was able to sneak away and grab my phone and start taking pictures without him noticing. After a few pictures he looked over and realized he was busted. Just to make his point he dumped the sock basket out as well! Little turkey! Like I didn’t have enough to do as it is. I am still feeling quite ill and can barely talk due to this horrible cough and sore throat and icky lungs *miserable* but now I have extra work to do? UGH!! Luckily he helped me pile it back up to ALL be washed again, since I had no idea what was clean and what was dirty. He sure is cute but come on!

Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
yep, that’s his “oh man, I’m busted” face

 The rest of our afternoon and evening has been routine and nothing out of the ordinary, so no major report there. Brody is fussy and calling for his dinner so I had better get going. Enjoy the pictures and until next time,


Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
yep, apparently it could get worse, sock basket emptied!
Agent Bruiser…Back in Action!
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  1. Wonderful photo op… too bad you had to re-do all the laundry though. but it looks like he had fun, and you got blog material so it seems to be a small price to pay. But then again, I’m sitting on my couch watching My Strange Addiction while you are doing laundry for the second time around so of course I think it’s cute.

  2. Oh,I remember the days of 3 kids all under 3 years of age. I’m y our newest follower from A Season for All Things. ~ Ellen

  3. What is it about kids and laundry. I was doing my laundry one day only to go downstairs and find my 3yr old rolling around in dirty laundry!! Nice post! I think your site is great by the way, and will be following it from now on.

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