Destructive..until he speaks

Destructive..until he speaks

Destructive..until he speaks

..Yes there is quite the story behind this! My Mom asked that I share this with everyone simply because it’s the old tale of your kids will be worse than you were as a child. I have been dreading that and have hoping, praying and wishing for that to be yet another old wives tale, until I stumbled upon this. Bruiser my outgoing 2 year old with an unbelievable personality decided to get into just a little bit of trouble the other night! First, some background information on this story. When I was much younger, not sure how old, probably around 3ish or 4 maybe. I had tortured my Mom with a very similar incident. She was doing laundry, or something, not sure, she must have been gone for some time, but I decided I would entertain myself. Being the little stinker I was at some point I climbed up onto the kitchen table with the baby powder and sat by the fan, squeezing and poofing a whole bottle of baby powder into the fan causing it to literally cover EVERY surface of the kitchen and dining room, what an ingenious little idea to spray it into the fan and letting the wind and breeze throw it in every direction! My Mom has always told me she will get even through my children and this has only proven her correct, lets hope this one incident is punishment enough and I won’t be punished for my teen years!!! So back to present day, I walked into the bathroom and was furious the minute I seen this, and just as I opened my big mouth to start laying down the law, little Bruiser bursts out with “Look Mom, It’s snowing, AGAIN! Yay!” , and well, how can anyone follow through when you hear that. As I was standing there laughing, it suddenly all came back to me and the the hysterical laughter came in as I was trying to hold the camera still enough to capture the moment and pass it along to my Mom. So Mom this one’s for you, Happy Birthday, now please lift that curse, MeMe’s going to be a teenager soon, and I really don’t need that stress!!

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  1. Thank you Miranda for this wonderful birthday surprise.Most everything u have is correct, i was doing laundry in the basement. However it was i who put u on the table, and pulled away the chairs so u coud’nt get down. you are right, u were a little stinker of the sweetest kind.Not only did trouble seem to follow you would look for it.I figured the table would hold you in one place long enough for me to get a load of wash in. Sure you could have fallen off, but i knew you would’nt jump off, and it was’nt a 3 story building. Remember this was back in the day. The law for infant seats had passed only 2 years before you were born, and then they were only for infants. You could have fallen off the table and got a bruise, but you did’nt.Children back then were allowed to be kids and play. yes play rough and tumble, full blast, bumps, bruises and broken arms. Remember that? I am so happy your kids are kids in the truest sense.Bumps bruises and snowy powder messes. They are growing up in a fun house with laughter around them. What more could i ask for my grandchildren. Good job honey! BTW there is no curse….Just shows God has a sense of humor! Love you Mom

  2. HAHA great move, Zane! I, too, am hoping the payback for my teen years is minimal.. afterall, my son IS 14 now!! lol crazy!

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