The ABC’s of Miranda Sherman

A: Age, 29..July and thirty are coming way to fast! B: Bed size, Queen C: Chore you dislike, Laundry! I really dislike laundry, 6 people in a house make for a lot of laundry! D: Dogs, 2 Zoey-half mini doberman half black lab, Balto-half black lab half springer spaniel E: Essential to start your […]

My Favorite Fifty!

   Happy Sunday! Well today you can get to know me a little better. Most of you know I LOVE music! I love LOUD music! I love ALL music. I have a very large library of music covering all genres. I Love rock, country, rap, jazz, oldies, R&B everything!  Most of my favorite songs I have loved for a […]

Our First Snow Day of the School Year!

     Well it’s March 23rd and the kids had their first snow day this school year. I know, it sounds ridiculous but seriously we went through the whole winter and had NO snow days, then spring comes and WHAM a snow/ice storm shuts school down for the day. Living in Minnesota this is a very rare thin […]

Drab Weather Lately

    Let me first start by saying HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! I try to make it an exciting time in our family, trying to keep the kids excited about their Irish heritage, well a portion of their heritage. They also have some Icelandic, Norwegian, German and Lithuanian in our melting pot. Leslie decided […]

Rough Couple Days

    Well I think I am minutes away from a deep sigh of relief and my sanity showing back up. It has been a horrible past 3 days! UGH! Saturday we had Bruiser’s party and that was a blast, we had so much fun! Sunday morning I woke up and my tummy was kind of queasy but as the day progressed it got wo […]

Bruiser’s Birthday Party

     Bruiser’s birthday party was a hit! He had SO much fun! We had a good turnout, my family from out of town were unable to make it so that was a bummer. We all visited for awhile and then when it came time to open presents the living room filled with people and the wrapping paper started flying […]

Bruiser is 3 and Off to Pre-School

   Well today my leap day baby Bruiser turned 3 years old, AND got on the bus and headed to pre-school…without me…huh, sad. It’s true, he’s growing up. I suppose I don’t mind as much as I did with the older two, MeMe and Butch, but man it was boring here without him. He has so much personality I t […]

My Psycho Mom Threatens My Neighbor!!

   I had to write this post tonight and as fast as I can before I forget any of the story! First some background info. Our house is on the corner lot. My Mom is over often to visit the kids, we have her over for dinner a couple times a week, my teenage sister comes over for tutoring etc. etc. She i […]

Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

  Well, we survived Bruiser’s first day of school, barely! Chris was very upset and it was hard on him.  Bruiser’s pre-school is only two days a week and for 2 hours each day. We visited the class and Bruiser had a lot of fun! He found a neat bell at the end and had so much fun ringing it he didn […]

A Trip to Fargo…to see the Dr.

  Well today started earlier than usual for me, being I am NOT a morning person! My mom came over to watch Bruiser and Butch while Sherman, MeMe, Brody and I headed to Fargo for some appointments. First a little background information to catch everyone up. MeMe is my preemie baby. She was born in 2 […]