The ABC’s of Miranda Sherman

The ABC’s of Miranda Sherman

A: Age, 29..July and thirty are coming way to fast!
B: Bed size, Queen
C: Chore you dislike, Laundry! I really dislike laundry, 6 people in a house make for a lot of laundry!
D: Dogs, 2 Zoey-half mini doberman half black lab, Balto-half black lab half springer spaniel
E: Essential to start your day: glass of water and a cold coke
F: Favorite Color: Purple
G: Gold or Silver: either, as long as it’s not yellow gold
H: Height: 5’0″
I: Instruments you play(ed): Saxophone in elementary school
J: Junk Food: Frozen snickers, oreo ice cream
K: Kids: Missy, Leslie, Zane, Broden
L: Live: Minnesota
M: Moms Name: Barb
N: Nicknames: Mandy, Panda Bear
O: Overnight Hospital Stays, mostly from giving birth
P: Pet Peeves: Being Late:,Open cupboards and drawers
Q: Quote From a Movie: Would you please put some pants on? I feel weird having to ask you twice
R: Righty or Lefty: Right
S: Siblings: 3 sisters, Tricia, Stacia, Veronica 1 Brother Tim
T: Time you wake up: 7ish except on the weekends, then I sleep in as long as possible
U: Uncles: Craig J, Tom, Larry, Lynn, Craig M
V: Veggies you don’t like: yams, radish, arugula, spinach
W: Weight: hahaha you have got to be kidding me!
X: x-rays: a lot, I was a rowdy tomboy
Y: Yummy Foods You Make: Beef Roast, Penne Rigate
Z: Zoo Animal Favorite: cute!
  Well there you go! Just a cute little look into some fun information about me! Thanks for stopping by today, until next time…..

About Miranda Sherman

Miranda Sherman is a stay at home Mom of four & full time student majoring in Business Management & Marketing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She blogs about her crazy family of six & two dogs on her blog Minnesota Miranda, featuring book and product reviews, giveaways, news, parenting tips and advice, shopping, recipes, fashion, travel, deals and so much more.” Find me on Google+


  1. Ha! I love it so much that I am stealing /borrowing it :D. (Mostly because life is too hectic for me to come up with my own ideas today.)

  2. Which movie is that from? I’d watch it just to see that line in action.

  3. The Hangover

  4. Love your blog! Following you from blog hop.. I’m Opal from, hope you can check it out sometime..

  5. Absolutely love this post!
    Thought I had been following you all this time, realized I wasn’t. Thanks to RancherMom’s post today, I scooted over here to make it official!
    Have a lovely week ahead,
    Patty @ Another cookie, please!

  6. Love your sweet blog! The ABC post is cute!
    I’m a new follower from the Sunday hop!
    I would love it if you could hop by and visit, and maybe even follow me.

  7. Hello! New follower from blog hop! Would love for you to follow back

  8. LOVE the ABC post. Thanks for stopping by. Love all fellow MN mommy bloggers. Have a great weekend! Hugs!

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