My Sick Little Princess

     Happy Monday everyone! It has been a roller coaster weekend! Friday was a quiet night at home. Chris had fallen asleep pretty quickly so it was me, Broden, the dogs and Desperate Housewives on Netflix. Broden’s swing had died and I was worried it was going to be a difficult time getting him to […]

Drab Weather Lately

    Let me first start by saying HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! I try to make it an exciting time in our family, trying to keep the kids excited about their Irish heritage, well a portion of their heritage. They also have some Icelandic, Norwegian, German and Lithuanian in our melting pot. Leslie decided […]

Rough Couple Days

    Well I think I am minutes away from a deep sigh of relief and my sanity showing back up. It has been a horrible past 3 days! UGH! Saturday we had Bruiser’s party and that was a blast, we had so much fun! Sunday morning I woke up and my tummy was kind of queasy but as the day progressed it got wo […]

Just a Few Pictures

Bruiser & Brody          Tweet […]

Bruiser’s Birthday Party

     Bruiser’s birthday party was a hit! He had SO much fun! We had a good turnout, my family from out of town were unable to make it so that was a bummer. We all visited for awhile and then when it came time to open presents the living room filled with people and the wrapping paper started flying […]

Some Pictures

Bruiser’s Birthday Card from Grandma & Grandpa Tweet […]

YAY! I Got A Second Award!

   This Morning I got an email from Lesley over at Ireland Ever After and she gave me the Versatile Blogger Award! YAY! This is award number two for me and I am so honored! Thank You so much Lesley! Thank You to all my followers and readers and Thank You to those of you that share my blog with ot […]

Time to Vent About Today’s News

Well here it goes! Those of you that know me are used to this, those of you that do not know me, beware! I don’t get worked up like this too often, but it does happen. It has probably been at least 5 months since I have been worked up, maybe the Mom hormones calmed me down for awhile, who knows. A […]

Brody & His New Toy!

   YAY!! Brody got a new, fun Johnny Jump Up and he LOVES it! Unlike the other 3 Sherman children, Brody hates laying around whether its on his belly or back. He wants to be up looking around checking out this crazy house! Believe it or not Sherman and I just don’t have the time to hold him upri […]

Bruiser & His First Day of Pre-School!

  Well, we survived Bruiser’s first day of school, barely! Chris was very upset and it was hard on him.  Bruiser’s pre-school is only two days a week and for 2 hours each day. We visited the class and Bruiser had a lot of fun! He found a neat bell at the end and had so much fun ringing it he didn […]