Tiny Texan by Texas Carpet Baggers – Holiday Gift Guide


Have you ever walked into a party or get together and realize other women have your exact same purse? Living in a small town with limited shopping options it seems like the majority of us women are all carrying some variation of the same purse, bag or clutch. To avoid mediocrity I have resorted to shopping online to find the hottest bags that will make me stand out. Texas Carpet Baggers have an amazing selection of bags, clutches, purses and overnight bags all in one of a kind patterns that are sure to keep your style original. 
I have the Tiny Texan from Texas Carpet Baggers and I love it! It is the perfect small sized clutch that fits just the essentials! The clasp is a strong magnet that will stay tight to ensure no accidental opening and loss of your items. 

Texas Carpet Baggers Strap Texas Carpet Baggers Snap

Texas Carpet Baggers have some very fashionable features! The inside bottom of the purse has a solid wood bottom. This helps keep the bag bottom flat which is a unique feature that creates more room and space inside the bag. 

Texas Carpet Baggers Wood Bottom Texas Carpet Baggers Leather Monogrammed bottom

There are interior pockets and one of them a zipper closure. There is a leather strip tassel to the zipper for easier pull access. 
There are a variety of fun designs all for a reasonable price including free shipping on all domestic orders.
Tiny Texan
  • Length – 7”
  • Width – 3”
  • Height – 4”
  • Length – 8”
  • Width – 4”
  • Height – 5”
Texas Carpet Baggers go even further and has an option where you can send in your own fabric of choice to have a custom bag, purse or clutch made. How cool is that! 
Texas Carpet Baggers has been very generous to offer Moms Bookshelf & More readers 20% off orders, good through the ends of year. Just enter code TCB2012

Tiny Texan by Texas Carpet Baggers – Holiday Gift Guide

 I highly recommend adding Texas Carpet Baggers to your Holiday Shopping List for the fashionable woman in your life!  There is a large variety of designs and sizes available. Perfect gift for this Holiday Season!

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  1. I love the wooden bottom. This looks like a really cool bag.

  2. I love this bag!

  3. I love the wooden bottom! So important to keep the bag upright!

  4. i love the solid wooden bottom never seen a purse or clutch like that before

  5. love that it has a wooden bottom havent seen that before in a bag

  6. I love the wooden bottom.

  7. Looks like a nice sturdy bag and cute too

  8. I love the wooden bottom! This would help to organize my planner and wallet and stuff better!

  9. Cute!

  10. This is a really cool concept! I love the wood on the bottom! I would have to make more room! Then you never have to worry about anyone else having the same bag

  11. These look really great. I also like that you can customize them, and the wood bottom is wonderful!!

  12. I’d go for the Texas clutch, as the Tiny Texan is pretty small!

  13. I like the magnetic clutch…. so much nicer then cheap snaps

  14. This is a cute bag. I like that it is unique.

  15. The wooden base of bag is really great idea.

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