A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5

Wordless Wednesday & Some Messed Up Pics     Another Wednesday is upon us. I usually share some of the awesome videos I have seen this week for my Wordless Wednesday, however I did a video post on Monday so this week I opted to share some of the hilarious pictures I have found while wasting time on […]

A Little Awesome Wednesday 9/28

Here is a little awesome I found, enjoy your Wordless Wednesday! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player  I still find it annoyingly hilarious that he evades the question with lines of bullshit, Answer the question, a simple yes or no will do, thanks! Please Take A Momen […]

A Little Awesome Wednesday

Another Wordless Wednesday. This weeks theme: Comedy  Sit back and enjoy some laughs!  This is what it is like inside my head all day..my running commentary of life!    Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog! […]

A little bit of Awesome Wednesday

Last week I watched some awesome videos and thought I would share them with you. Enjoy!  Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog! […]

Wordless Wednesday

   So I have hit a bit of writers block. I have my regular TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop that I will be posting Late tonight, so please stop back and join the hopping fun! Until then please enjoy some good laughs with some adorable videos. They are some of my favorite home videos. I just realized all o […]