A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5

Wordless Wednesday & Some Messed Up Pics
    Another Wednesday is upon us. I usually share some of the awesome videos I have seen this week for my Wordless Wednesday, however I did a video post on Monday so this week I opted to share some of the hilarious pictures I have found while wasting time online.
    I also thought I would have a Blog Hop – Link up this week. Hope you all have a great Wednesday, the weekend is right around the corner! 


A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5

A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5

A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5
A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5
I hope you laughed as hard as I did! 

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A Little Awesome Wednesday 10/5
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  1. I pinned the Nudie Stretch Pants photo to Pinterest on my “What the Frack Is Up With This?” board. Because seriously, WTF? lol
    Happy Wordless Wednesday, stop by and link up!

  2. I recieved the Versatile Blogger award, and I am passing it on to you. You can pick up the award, read the rules here: http://musingsofaboredhousewife.com/2011/10/04/another-award/

  3. Wow! Where can I get a pair?
    It would absolutely freak out my grown daughters if I wore them to a family function! Woudl love to see the looks on their faces!

  4. That one with the balls moving is crazy!!!!

  5. Saw the one on the pants on Facebook, too funny!!!
    Saying hi from the blog hop

  6. Wow! Those pants are scary!!! LOL

  7. LOL!! These are good. New follower from the Thirsty Thursday blog hop.

    I like the blue Gatorade one! LMAO.

  9. This was fricken hilarious!!! I loved, LOVED that last one!

  10. Those pants are just wrong. lol.

  11. LMAO – the pants were scary! I’m a new follower from Random Deals Whimsical Wednesday Blog Hop. Following you on GFC and FB. Please visit me too.

  12. rofl the pants, and WOW! The dots

  13. do people really wear those nude stretch pants? oy vey!

  14. AHH! My brain kinda hurts now, lol! I saw the nude stretch pants on Pinterest, and I laughed my butt off. I’m stopping by from the hop along!

  15. I saw the pants and thought, WHAT!?! Funny!

  16. I had to look at those nude pants a couple of times to make sure they weren’t real! Lol, great pictures.
    Thanks for hosting.
    New follower,

  17. Okay, the pants really make you do a double take, don’t they. EWWWW.
    I have to say I did like the “Save Energy” one.And the optical illusions were fun. dizzying but fun

  18. Awesome pics you have there! hahahaha…
    I’m your new follower from Thirsty Thursday Bloghop. Please follow me back.

  19. Oh these are funny. Especially the one with the pants on.

  20. If one feels the need to wear heinous nude stretch pants then they should make sure they don’t have a wedgie! It would make it a bit easier for the rest of us to discern that they are actually wearing pants!

  21. Hee! So funny!

  22. Nude stretch pants should be outlawed! Happy WW! Funny stuff.

  23. Oh my gosh…I was too busy gasping at the pants to laugh at first lol!!

  24. I saw those nude pants the other day, and they’re hilarious! Thanks for sharing again, and hosting!
    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  25. Haha, love the stretch pants and the turn on sign

  26. oh, my that 1st one left me crying!

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