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On today’s show Dr. Phil McGraw will be interviewing a couple for his bait and switch bride. Ben and Kelly have only been married for a short six months and he is already fed up. The shocker in this upcoming episode, he fat shames his wife. Ben admits “When I look at her I am disgusted” and openly calls his wife Kelly a beached whale. Whoa What? Who is this guy, oh wait, I know….. Ben is Kelly’s soon to be ex husband, or at least one can only hope!

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I intend to watch today’s episode while live tweeting my open commentary regarding this topic and this couple. Personally, no matter what your stance is on your wife’s weight, you don’t EVER fat shame and call her mean, nasty, degrading names. That is completely counter productive and certainly won’t change a thing. Approach the topic in a loving and caring manner, explain your worry and concern and from there ask if there is anything you can do to help or support her journey in weight loss and together, as a couple striving towards better health. While she may become upset or hurt it is far more productive than coming from a mean and angry place.

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  1. The glimpses of their wedding picture is brief but you can see that she was not tiny at that time either. When my husband and I married my entire lifestyle changed. Before my marriage I was working third shift in a casino and walking miles a day just on the floor of the casino and I was making meals that were appropriate for a 12 year old and eating the same. I got married and got a desk job and cooked man sized meals. My body reflected it. I also had a problem with my thyroid and gained quite a bit of weight in the first year until we got proper medication. Through it all though as bad as I felt about my weight gain, my husband was nothing less than adoring. When I would cry over the weight gain despite working out daily and eating right, he simply told me time and time again that he loved me period. I battle my weight even now, but I never have to battle my husband. So sad. You don’t help someone by trashing them.

  2. I don’t think she gained all this weight in 6 months, so why did he marry her if he feels this way? If she did change that quickly, then there is health issues to look at, and those vows this guy took need to hold true.

  3. If you truly love someone, you love them no matter what their size. What if she had a life threatening condition that made her gain weight? If there was a “reason” would he be as mad, and that doesn’t even touch the fact that he is not Mr. Buff himself.

  4. My husband brings up my weight and being fat when we argue.

  5. So does mine. He says I choose my fat ass over him and it hurts me every time.

  6. I’m not even fat …I don’t have the typical African (a myth) bootylicious bod and he calls me names and taunts me about being raped at age 8.

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