Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop #WW 1/7

Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday!
A weekly inside pictorial peek at the Sherman Family! 

Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop #WW 1/7
 Thanks for dropping by again this week for more blog hopping fun! 
I would like to reach out to my blogging buddies again:
Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop #WW 1/7
Please mail postcards to:
Mrs. Knoop’s Kindergarten Class
c/o Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Avenue
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Thank You in Advance for all our help! – Feel free to give a shout out to Zane, my kindergartner, on the post card!

Thank You so much to everyone who has already and those of you planning to send postcards for my sons Kindergarten class geography unit.  
On to the Linky…..
What was your favorite picture this week?
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  1. Looks like a fun activity for the kids!

  2. That is soo fun! Great activity. As I need to go to the post office today I am drafting a speedy letter right now. Fun!! Look for one from London, On. OK?

  3. Your kids are way too cute!

  4. Oh, that is soooo cool!

  5. Very nice pictures and cool activity to do with little ones.
    Have a great rest of the week…

  6. Awwww that is too cute. It is too late to send a post card? We’d love to send one from Philadelphia.

  7. What an interesting activity!

  8. Will send a card for sure!

  9. what sweet pictures! Will send a postcard from NC!

  10. Fun assignment! Your kids are too cute.

  11. You children are beautiful! What an awesome classroom activity.

  12. What darling pictures. Love the gingerbread activity. I really miss my kids being in the lower grades. These projects were fun for me as well as the kids.

  13. I’ve had mine in the mail since Monday, but due to weather, the postman hasn’t picked it up yet. I hope it goes out today for them!

  14. I’ll send a card out this week! That is such a fun idea!

  15. Good luck with that Kindergarten assignment it sounds like a lot of fun! You have an adorable family.

  16. I love the mix of photos sooooo cute heheh!

  17. What a creative idea! I’ll send one

  18. very cute little family you have here and what a fun activity!

  19. how fun i will get my son to write a postcard for this he’ll love it

  20. «Louis» thanks you for linking at his Wordless Wednesday.”

  21. Thanks for the reminder. I have the address saved.

  22. How fun! I want to know the story behind that first picture.

  23. LOL – my 16 year old has a panda hat too.

  24. It’s set out to got out tomorrow. Coming from Nebraska.

  25. Looks like a good week! How fun to do the assignment! I hope you have great participation!

  26. Such a fun activity!

  27. That’s right. I had meant to do that but didn’t.

  28. Nice family. I would love this activity but I wish I have time =)
    Mommy Maye

  29. Just saw this today. I’ll send a postcard from Florida

  30. Do you remember having this blog hop on your site? Now that you’ve renamed your site, there are broken links and this is one of them! If you’ve decided to discontinue this blog hop, let me know so I can remove it from my blog! Thanks!

    This Blog Hop will be open for a full 12 months to increase participation and visibility!
    ►Also Added This Year – Bloglovin’, Instagram, Sverve, Klout, Triberr Tribes, and Snapscore!
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  31. What great photos! I can imagine the kindergartners must be so excited to get gingerbread man spotting from all over the place! How fun!

  32. Awe! Wish this was still going. It’d be great to join in.

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