#WW Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 12/18

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#WW Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop 12/18
My sons Kindergarten class is tracking the sneaky little Gingerbread man that escaped out of their room while they were in the library. During the entire month of January they will be tracking his travels as part of their geography unit. I am reaching out to all of my Blogging friends to ask if you will send the class a postcard from your location. The more they get the more they will learn during this geography unit.

Please mail postcards to:
Mrs. Knoop’s Kindergarten Class
c/o Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Avenue
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Thank You in Advance for all our help! – Feel free to give a shout out to Zane, my kindergartner, on the post card!

 Will you be sending a postcard? If so, from where?

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  1. What a great idea! I’ll try and remember to send one from Manchester, England!

  2. Although I live in Massachusetts, I am going to send one from Niagara Falls, NY. I thought it would be fun for them to see & learn about that particular water falls. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for letting us be a part of the fun

  3. What a fun project! I’ve saved the address, I’ll grab a postcard next time I’m at the gas station and send it in.

  4. Great idea.
    I will be sending one of from the San Francisco/Bay Area.

  5. Aww! how cute is that heheh!
    Have a gingertastic week ahead

  6. What a great idea! I’ll see if I can send one over from Toronto.

  7. That is a really cute idea for them to learn geography. Thanks for sharing at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.

  8. That would be awesome, thank you Diana M.

  9. How fun! I will send one from Indiana

  10. Awesome Thank You Theresa!

  11. Great idea!! Now, where did I put those postcards???

  12. Oh my, what a nifty idea. We did Flat Travelers one time this summer and my older children did Flat Stanley while they were in school. This gingerbread man sounds like a great idea. I just happen to have several postcards sitting on my desk. Will be sending one from PA.

  13. «Louis» will send a post card from the San Francisco Bay area.
    He thanks you for linking with his Wordless Wednesday.”

  14. Thank You Kewkew!

  15. wooow…I love the idea…runaway gingerbread man :D..cheers from Indonesia :D…

  16. What a cute idea! Happy WW and Happy Holidays!

  17. Lovely idea – will endeavour to send one from the UK!

  18. Oh I love this! I will try to join in (I say “try” because we have been the sick family – one or more children have been out of school the last 4 days – and my mind is scattered right now!)
    It would be coming from Austin.
    Happy Holidays!

  19. How fun! I’ll try and send one out next week from Omaha, Nebraska

  20. Such a nice idea!

  21. what a brilliant idea! I’ll try to get one out from Singapore after all the holiday madness

  22. They sound like that Elf on a Shelf. Good luck. lol

  23. What a cute idea!! Bookmarking this and we’ll send one from NJ later this week =)

  24. I will send one from Sherwood Forest, England.

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