Win a PlayMG Gaming Device #Giveaway

PlayMG Gaming Device Moms Bookshelf and More Giveaway
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Win a PlayMG Gaming Device #Giveaway

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  1. I like the pre installed games, and it runs on Wi-Fi.

  2. My kids would love this, they love they’re apps and games

  3. I love that’s its rechargeable and love the wifi

  4. I am most excited about the Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB internal flash storage
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    Christmas gifts or the hydro bill &#8211

  6. I love that’s its rechargeable and wifi

  7. I like that it has games included, and also has 2 micro SD cards included. I really love that it doesn’t have monthly fees!

  8. WE have 10 grandchildren that would love to use one of these.

  9. That it works in the car!

  10. That my kids will be able to play some of their favorite games without using my phone.

  11. I love this. I love that games are already loaded on..thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. That the games are preloaded, and my daughter will have some peace. Woo Hoo They love this kind of stuff.

  13. All the apps and no monthly fees =D =D

  14. all of it

  15. I love the fact that this has an alarm clock .. and it comes already with the games

  16. I love that you can monitor their activity and receive email alerts through the Family Collaboration System.

  17. excited that its all preloaded, so less pieces is good.

  18. My favorite features are the camera and WiFi.

  19. I have the exact little girls for this

  20. I love that it has a camera and that it takes a SD card. My son loves to take pictures and download a ton of apps lol.

  21. I like that it has wi-fi and a rechargeable battery

  22. I love that it does come with some games but that we can download more. I also love that there is no monthly bill!

  23. Interesting that you’re able to moderate with parental control. I like that part about it a lot.

  24. I’m excited about the parental controls, very smart to include this.

  25. I am most excited about the 4GB internal flash storage

  26. I like that it uses Google Playstore.

  27. I’m most excited that there are no game cartridges or extra accessories that you have to buy because they are already included!

  28. Im most excited about the preloaded games and the fact that it has a micro SD slot for expandable memory!

  29. I like that it doesn’t have a monthly cellphone bill

  30. I like that the PlayMG can send email notifications for parents to see how device is being used.
    My daughter would absolutely love the PlayMG
    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  31. I like that the PlayMG can send email notifications for parents to see how device is being used.
    My daughter would absolutely love the PlayMG
    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  32. I love that it is an android device, that it is wi-fi enabled and that there is no monthly bill. This would be perfect for my son.

  33. I would love to win this for my son

  34. I like the parental controls and the great learning apps as well! No monthly bill, I can control what they purchase.

  35. I would love to have my two kids have this. My phone needs a break and they can play and I don’t have to ask when I need to use my phone

  36. I like that the games are preloaded and we don’t have to buy games.

  37. honestly I wouldn’t know how to act if I actually got to use my phone again lol

  38. I like that it is preloaded with games and that it can be used in wi fi area and that it does not require a phone charge.

  39. I like that you don’t have a bunch of extra pieces that would get lost real easily!

  40. I like the fact that it has a rechargeable battery, camera and wi-fi.

  41. I like that my son can download the same games that he downloads on my phone.

  42. I like the parental controls on it. You can never be too safe!

  43. I love android gadgets . . . an android gaming system !!! I would LOVE IT !!! Here’s hoping I’m lucky !!

  44. I love that it uses Google Play.

  45. The wifi feature.

  46. I love that there are no cartridges to lose! Awesome device!

  47. Oh I love that they can play games on their own device and not on our phones. I love that it has some games, and you can download more!

  48. I’m excited that it accesses the Google Play store so my son can get Minecraft! That means I get MY phone back!

  49. i love that it has a camera! My daughter loves to take pics.
    toni marie caravello feimer

  50. Love the parental controls.

  51. I like how this comes with a card you can choose to use as a prepaid and it teaches kids to spend wisely. I also like that it is both expandable and kid frriendly and teaches responsibility.
    ellen beck

  52. This would be perfect for our little girl, she will be 5 this December and she is already a wizz with electronics,,thanks for this opportunity,

  53. I love that’s its rechargeable.
    Brittney House

  54. I really like that this device runs on Wi Fi. I do not have to incur additional charges just so our kids can play games. Thanks for offering this super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  55. I really like the pre loaded games wilcarvic

  56. I am most excited about the NO monthly fees as it runs off wifi!

  57. I am excited about the alarm clock

  58. Would sure be a really cool prize to win!! Thank you for this great contest!! It looks like it has a lot of different selections on it.

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