Wordless Wednesday #WW Blog Hop Linky 10/22

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday! 
A weekly inside pictorial peek at the Sherman Family.

Wordless Wednesday #WW Blog Hop Linky 10/22
Walmart version of Irony, Leslie’s 60 pound dog sleeping on his chest, Viewers still want Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, and Zane’s first day of Kindergarten with his teacher! 

Wordless Wednesday #WW Blog Hop Linky 10/22
Broden and Zane ruined the Jello and apparently had a blast doing so, what a mess!

Which picture and video is your favorite this week? 

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Wordless Wednesday #WW Blog Hop Linky 10/22

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  1. I love the Wal*Mart Irony…that’s too funny!

  2. lol at the jello pic. I’m sure they had a blast with the jello. lol

  3. The jello one is my fave. Too cute!

  4. LOL at the JELLO pics!!

  5. It’s a toss up between the (un)healthy display and the jello explosion.

  6. Looks like a very interesting week.
    We invite you to come check out our Wordless Wednesday and we would love for you to share/linkup via linky: http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop
    Happy Day!”

  7. Lots of action! Looks like a fun one!

  8. My toddler would have done the sane thing with the Jello! LOL

  9. Our dog sleeps on our daughter, too. I had no idea until she told me about that recently.

  10. Ha ha ha, oh my goodness; those jello pics are awesome!! Happy WW and thanks for linking up!

  11. Love the Jello silliness! I had to click through when I saw the thumbnail to make sure there wasn’t a massacre at your house.

  12. Is that a boy thing? Putting food on their heads??? My son totally does it too. It’s so messy but I can’t help but smile at the cuteness!

  13. The jello is the kicker, wow! lol – Those are good times right there.

  14. «Louis» cracked up at the Walmart version of irony!
    Re the boys and the Jell-O: one of the best uses yet of Jell-O!
    and lastly,
    «Louis» thanks you for linking at his Wordless Wednesday!”

  15. they really enjoyed the Jello!! ;p

  16. OMG, LOVE the jello shots!!!!!

  17. That jello photo is really funny.

  18. oh my goodness, that jello must have been quite the time to clean up! I have to say, I got a chuckle over the Walmart donuts/healthcare shot.

  19. LOL @ the photos with the jelly cute photos and funny vids
    Have a jellytastic week

  20. Oh my the days of food on everything, I think boys all go through it. Great little videos!!
    Thanks for linking this week.

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