#WW Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop: Flightless Butterfly

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday! 
A weekly inside pictorial peek at the Sherman Family.

#WW Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop: Flightless Butterfly
Morning Flightless Butterfly
#WW Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop: Flightless Butterfly
Birthday Boy – Broden William-Douglas Sherman turns 3 today!
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#WW Wordless Wednesday Linky Blog Hop: Flightless Butterfly

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  1. Happy birthday to your little one! Hope he had a great day. I absolutely LOVE the butterfly shots too!

  2. Adorable – both the butterfly and the birthday boy!! Happy Birthday Broden!! (My daughter will be 3 on Friday – ya’ll are close!). Thanks for linking up with The BOAT!

  3. That butterfly is beautiful like stained glass, I had to laugh when I scrolled down so cute heheh!
    Happy 3rd Birthday to Broden

  4. That monarch is enormous — wow!
    And happy 3rd birthday to your boy!

  5. Happy Birthday, Broden!
    Such beautiful butterfly pictures.

  6. Happy birthday to your little guy. Very nice butterfly, too.

  7. Happy Birthday Broden!!

  8. Such stunning photos! I love butterflies and just last week we released monarchs into the wild at the Toronto Botanical Garden. It was so neat!

  9. What a cute kid!
    «Louis» thanks you for linking to his Wordless Wednesday!”

  10. Beautiful butterfly!

  11. I love the butterfly photos and happy b-day to your boy!

  12. Beautiful butterfly and cute boy!!
    Happy WW
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  13. What amazing photos you are sharing this week! I love the clarity. Thank you for coming by and linking up this week.

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet little dude! The butterfly photos are striking! Happy WW!

  15. Happy Birthday little man! Yay Three!

  16. Oh I love those Monarch butterflies! Always have, always will. And …joke glasses and a mustache are the best birthday things to wear, ever! Happy Birthday lil’ guy! ☺

  17. Aw, happy birthday to the little guy!
    My mother-in-law would adore those butterfly shots.

  18. So gorgeous. And your hop today is fantastic. So many great sites from which to choose.
    Mary-andering Creatively
    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  19. Fun combination of photos. Love the mustache.

  20. Happy birthday!

  21. Beautiful butterfly!
    Happy birthday to your cute little boy!!

  22. Happy Birthday to your cutie! Nice butterfly pictures too!

  23. Happy birthday to Broden! Beautiful butterfly pics.

  24. Happy birthday Broden!!
    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  25. Happy Birthday to Broden! Cute shot! The butterfly is so beautiful. Thanks for hosting.

  26. Happy Birthday Broden! What a cute picture.
    I really love all the shots of that butterfly.

  27. Love the butterfly.

  28. That butterfly was beautiful. I did laugh when I saw your little one’s picture after. =)

  29. Love the bushy eyebrows on the birthday boy, super cute!

  30. Your birthday boy is adorable.

  31. Wow! Those butterfly colors just pop. enJOYed

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