Bum Talk with Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes

Bum Talk with Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As an Ambassador I have been compensated for this post, 
however all opinions and views are 100% my own, uninfluenced, honest and accurate.
     Last week I was chosen to be a Cottonelle Brand Ambassador and take part in the “Let’s Talk Bums” campaign! Over the next few weeks there will be plenty of bum talk on Moms Bookshelf and More!
     As a Mom of four, bathroom trips seem to be a never ending occurrence. My two year old, Broden, is in the middle of potty training and is far from mastering his potty ninja skills. With potty training comes accidents and it can be messy! Toilet paper alone just doesn’t cut it. Using a Fresh Care wet wipe cleans up all the mess and he has a fresh little baby bum again! 

     Cherry Healey says it best we use wet wipes on our little ones, who said adults couldn’t or shouldn’t use wipes? Time to clean up all this dirty bum business and talk about a better option. Moms Bookshelf & More, Cherry Healey and Cottonelle want you to start talking bums and check out Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes and the Cottonelle Care Routine and let your friends and family know, no more bum taboo, if it works, talk about it! 

Be Kind to Your Behind Bum Talk With @cottonelle and @cherryhealey Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths —> http://t.co/Za2aR7PpSb < ---
— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) August 19, 2013

     So let’s get talking? Do you use wet wipes? Have you tried Cottonelle brand products?

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  1. I have these in every bathroom! Seriously I even take them in the smaller refill packs on trips, hidden in my purse for when I’m away from home. I just won’t go without them again!

  2. this is so great, we have just stated buying them and boy do they make a difference!

  3. We hadn’t used them but I just picked up a pack. I’m going to have to give them a try. Although I’m hesitant to flush them down the toilet after hearing a few friends with mishaps.

  4. I am loving them…we started using this new method in our home and I thought: Why didn’t I think of this before! Thank you Cottonelle!

  5. We definitely use flushable wipes in our house, we have been for years. They really do make a difference!

  6. We’ve been using flushable wipes for years, as well. I’m glad people are starting to talk about them. I think they are life changing for your family!

  7. I love flushable wipes like this, especially when you have kids. My son needs these products still!

  8. We use Cottonelle! I actually just started using the flushable wipes with my 2 year old for potty training. Hopefully they help!

  9. I love Cottonelle! It’s so great that they have introduced this conversation about how wipes are appropriate for everyone. I started using flushable wipes after my daughter was born, because I thought the same thing as Cherry: It’s more effective! I can’t wait to hear all the potty humor that this topic brings about.

  10. I found out the hard way why you need to use Cottonelle “flushable cleaning wipes! Can you say a backhoe and a ruined backyard!

  11. I LOVE Cottonelle! A mom of four… I bet you are dealing with lots of bum wiping! Thank goodness for flushable wipes!

  12. I use them all the time in my daycare. Lets just say little boys can’t aim, so these are a must for cleaning up all the dribbles.

  13. I love Cottonelle wipes, have been using them for a long time now.Excited to be working with you on this campaign!

  14. Aren;t they great! Now I wonder, what took so long for this product to be made!!

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