Triberr Introduces Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Over the past two years I have periodically shared my love of Triberr and the two co-founder’s Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo, but this time I have to share some breaking news!

Triberr is a social sharing community where bloggers build and join tribes filled with other bloggers. Blog posts are automatically imported to a stream where members can read your post and then share them across various social media networks instantly or scheduled at timed intervals. The concept behind Triberr is to extend your reach and increase your content visibility. A blogger with a small twitter following can extend their potential reach anywhere from two – ten times that. Currently I have over 6,000 followers on Twitter, but by using Triberr services my potential reach is over one million. – My Triberr Profile.

Since its beginning Triberr has evolved and went through many changes as their membership grows, anywhere from design, streams, community, layouts and now the biggest change of all! Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo started Triberr to help bloggers and with this new announcement they have stepped up their game into overtime.

Triberr is now helping bloggers earn money by introducing Influencer Marketing Campaigns! As a blogger, you have no doubt heard of brand and product ambassador’s. Triberr is now working with businesses and brands to arrange ambassadors from Triberr members.

Dan Cristo explains the entire program in depth through the new video Triberr released. Dan puts it simply bloggers are the new celebrities of social media and the internet. Brands and Companies have spokespersons in the media that have a fame status such as Michael Jordan for Nike and Shaquille O’Neal for Buick. Bloggers and Social Media guru’s are the celebrities of the internet. As a group via Triberr we work together to help extend our reach and views.

Each campaign pays well and runs for a minimum of one month and extending to various lengths. Bloggers can only run five campaigns at a time in order to focus on each brand and the product. There are circumstances that would change that but to be dealt with individually.As a blogger I LOVE this new feature and I have already applied for one of the four current available campaigns and hope to hear something soon. There are still hundreds of openings in the campaigns and I encourage you to check it out.

If you’re not currently a member of Triberr, don’t fret, with a few simple clicks you too can join Triberr, start building a tribe and join other tribes. Simply visit the website and start the quick and easy sign up. Be sure to sync up your blog feed so your content is available for fellow tribemates to share via social media. If you have any questions please ask myself, Dino Dogan or Dan Cristo.

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  1. YAY! Mitch, I am so glad you joined, did you sign up for the foodie campaign? Dino and Dan are so awesome, I am so glad I tagged you for the information, I hope you are having a blast in Triberr. I would LOVE to add you to my tribe if you’re interested Mitch.

  2. It’s a community that I didn’t know, thanks is really attractive!

  3. I never joined Triberr, but this is kinda interesting. They were probably smart to add another element to what they offer.

  4. I never jumped on the Triberr bandwagon, but maybe I should give it a look again. I love that they have developed a new Marketing Campaign that will benefit bloggers. Off to take a peek now.

  5. I’m in!

  6. This is the first I have heard of Triberr, wow thanks for sharing this post. I will take a look at their community soon!

  7. I love triberr, it has given me the opportunity to meet new bloggers and help others. Thank you to the awesome creators who make this software possible.

  8. I have been a member since the beginning. How do I get involved with this

  9. Triberr has been awesome and I encourage all bloggers to give it a try! If anyone is looking to join a tribe, let me know, my tribe, Rockin’ Bloggers has openings.

  10. How timely this is, I joined 2 days ago at Dino’s invitation! Now i am really looking forward to working with these folks!

  11. signed up. I may need some help along the way.

  12. I signed up awhile ago but was very overwhelmed with all the social aspects! I need to give it a try again.. Do you have any tips on how to make the most out of it?

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