#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky Blog Hop 7/17

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday
A weekly pictorial peek into the life of the Sherman Family!
#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky Blog Hop 7/17

#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky Blog Hop 7/17

#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky Blog Hop 7/17
This week my oldest, Missy, turned 13, I officially have a teenager in the house!
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#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky Blog Hop 7/17
What picture was your favorite?

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  1. Love the Not for Sale sticker. Ha ha!

  2. Have to say that I like the “not for resale” photo best….so cute!

  3. not for resale! that’s fabulous. sometimes I think about just putting my boys out in front with a big “free” sign. but only sometimes.

  4. Teenagers are a special kind of fun huh? Mine is 12 but I will be right there with you soon. I like the one of her looking grown up and facing camera!

  5. Wonderful photos. Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Visiting late from WW. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. ice cream fondue

  6. Happy Birthday to Missy!
    I love the Not For Resale sticker.

  7. Fun photos, looks like a busy family! My favourite is the 2 dogs and 2 kids in the bed…so cute. Oh and I also love the little dog snuggled into the couch!

  8. Not for resale gets my vote. Probably put on by Miss 13…..

  9. Happy WW, thanks so much for hosting have a great week. I’ve got two teenage girls in the house now with a third fast approaching (I had three under three). So far so good.

  10. happ WW!!!! I love these pictures!!!

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter! I have a 14-yr old, and I think the teen years are fun.

  12. Happy birthday to Missy, have fun with your teenager. Love all the funny expressions in the last collage, and I just love the “Not for Resale” sticker.

  13. Great shots!! Sorry I linked up the wrong image.

  14. Oh no! Not a teenager! Ha ha ha, I really shouldn’t laugh because I will four teenagers consecutively in too short a time, ahhhh!

  15. So glad you joined me for Wordless Wednesday at The Jenny Evolution. Silence may be golden, but I hope you’re making some noise this week!

  16. Who put the sticker on?
    Love the faces!

  17. Oh what fun pics, I had teens the same way as Karley 3 at once. What a challenge!

  18. Oh I love the montage of glasses and expressive eyes.

  19. Love the pic of everyone (dogs too) piled up on the same bed

  20. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Many thanks for posting an image that speaks a thousand words.Nice to meet your family.

  21. Happy Birthday, Missy! Looks like a lot of family love with content pets. Enjoy your week!

  22. Lovely shots of your family. Happy Belated Birthday to Missy! Thanks for hosting.

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  24. aww great family shots!
    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  25. I like the not for resale sticker! lol Happy Birthday to your teen!

  26. Very nice pictures… Thanks for sharing and hosting.
    If you have not done so yet, we would love to have you come share/link via our WWHop: http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!”

  27. Ha ha, love the “Not for Resale” sticker!

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