Win a $500 Sears Gift Card – 2nd Annual Mama Love Giveaway Event

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Win a $500 Sears Gift Card – 2nd Annual Mama Love Giveaway Event 
Welcome to the Mama LOVE Giveaway Event hosted by MamaNYC!
MamaNYC is hosting the second annual MamaLOVE Giveaway Hop running May 9th – 15th. Enter giveaways and work your way down the list for more chances to win awesome prizes for Mother’s Day!
Win a $500 Sears Gift Card – 2nd Annual Mama Love Giveaway Event
Moms Bookshelf & More has a WHOPPER of a Giveaway for this event! Enter to win a $500 Sears Gift Card! There are several daily entries to increase your odds of winning, so be sure to stop by each day to claim those entries! 

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  1. I was hoping to get a new digital camera!! My husband ordered me one and its not in yet but I got it :D. My kids are currently at their grandparents right now, I just want to get a hug from them when they get home

  2. I’m hoping maybe some homemade cards and maybe a flower or two. Thanks so much.

  3. I want to go out to dinner so I don’t have to cook
    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  4. I’d love some new home decor!

  5. The dishes done

  6. Going to the botanic gardens.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  7. I got a nice relaxing day, and a great dinner out!

  8. im hoping to dinner and relax.

  9. Breakfast made for me!

  10. I didn’t want anything

  11. A day at the spa.
    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski”

  12. love flowers

  13. I’m hoping to get some perfume and maybe an argument free day with my teenager!

  14. I got my mother some perfume she has been wanting!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  15. Just to spend a nice day with my Mom and I did!

  16. I love flowers

  17. A day without having to cook or clean… too much huh?

  18. Flowers would be nice.

  19. Perfume!

  20. going to breakfast

  21. I asked for my kitchen & dining room to be mopped. haha!

  22. A nap.

  23. a morning to sleep in!

  24. Something handmade by my sons.

  25. I got a good meal with family.

  26. I was hoping for some me time to relax and have a quiet house, but that didnt happen. I did however get lunch out and a card.

  27. I’m going to get my mom a nice card and lots of plants for her garden! With this card i’d buy her a new microwave range hood for her kitchen.

  28. I am happy to get a call from my sons and to talk to my mom. Cheryl Abdelnour

  29. dinner out

  30. A Thank you is all i need

  31. I actually got presents for the first time in many years.My 4 kids(and the husband) gave me a hanging plant,sleep shorts,a card,and a symphony chocolate bar.

  32. I was hoping for a outdoor fountain and I did get it. I guess all my hinting paid off.

  33. Just a few phone calls and cards from my daughters

  34. Levian chocolate diamond ring

  35. Nothing since I’m not a mother

  36. I’m hoping to get peace and quiet for at least an hour

  37. Lots of hugs & kisses, and some nice flowers :}

  38. Got my mom a hanging plant with a heart shaped hanger. Her birthday was last week and we got her a alex and ari bracelet.

  39. I already got it! My daughter called and chatted for a while and then I spent time with my mom.
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  40. For mothers day I was hoping to get a big hug from my daughter. I love her hugs.

  41. I would love brunch or dinner out with my family!

  42. A nap would be helpful! But probably not going to happen with a newborn

  43. I asked my husband for a new watch. We’ll see if I get it. All I care about is getting to sleep in, though, because it gives my kids a chance to burn me some breakfast – like they do every year!

  44. I am hoping that I won’t have to cook and the kids will not fight all day. nah, that’s not gonna

  45. Havnt thought about it. I really love those lockets

  46. I hope to get a family picture of my 4 beautiful daughters!

  47. Hanging baskets of colorful flowers!

  48. I already got some photography stuff for me to play with. So probably just a dinner out.

  49. i want to take my kids to the zoo!

  50. I don’t expect anything. Just love!

  51. I had hoped for a clean house

  52. A good meal out at a restaurant with the family.

  53. Not looking for anything special.

  54. sleep and a clean house
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  55. All I want is a family fun day. A day to create new memories and take lots of pictures. Provided our health and weather holds up, I should have it

  56. love a spa day

  57. I’m not a mom, but I hope I gave my mother a nice day

  58. For Mothers Day this year I’m hoping to go hiking with my family and get family photos done

  59. I was hoping to get a nice relaxing day at home and that is what I got!

  60. I would love a nice dinner out for Mother’s Day!

  61. hoping to get some books, carawling(at)hotmail(Dot)com

  62. I would like to get a phone call and card

  63. I’d love to wake up to the entire house clean! Then be taken out to eat.

  64. copied wrong goodreads name, its supposed to be Cyn(thi)a Ravv_l(ing), carawling(at)Hotmail(Dot)com

  65. just a day with no chores would be great for me lol

  66. I am hoping I get a phone call from each of my boys as they will be spending time with their families wives and children. I got a beautiful planter from one of my sons and granddaughters, very pretty.

  67. I am hoping to get dinner made for me.

  68. I love a good brunch!

  69. I was very happy with what I got. My daughter made sure I had steak, cake and a lovely day with her.
    bingomamanorma at gmail dot com

  70. Anything….a card, flowers, a hug, anything.

  71. I wished for the movie Safe Haven and I got it and soooooooooooooo much more.A home cooked meal buttered popcorn from the movies and time with my Daughter,Granddaughter and Great grandson. It doesn’t get any better than that! <3

  72. I would like a shopping and lunch with my daughter!
    rafflecopter-holly chernoff

  73. I am hoping to get some sleep LOL. I’m working 7pm-7am Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

  74. I got some yummy chocolates

  75. I got what I wanted, a flapper-less toilet. Whoo!

  76. I got a night out and that’s what I wanted

  77. I was hoping to get a phone call from my kids, but it never happens so better luck next year

  78. time with my family & especially our 4 year old grandson!

  79. A good cuddle in the morning, and then a day off lol

  80. chocolate and a card.

  81. I hope my mom loves the presents I got her… which is breakfast in bed and a massage. I am hoping to win a giveaway so I can give her something else. I hate being in college!!!

  82. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s given with love

  83. Some peace and quiet.

  84. Some QT with my hubby and son and parents!

  85. lunch with family.

  86. I wish my kids could get to town for Mother’s Day

  87. I was hoping to get lots of things crossed off my Honey-Do list. That’s what I asked for anyway!

  88. A nice dinner out

  89. I hoping to get a day with my kids at the movies!

  90. I would like some scrapping items for mothers day

  91. dinner and a movie

  92. I got what I was hoping for on Mother’s Day, which was “love” from all my children and husband!

  93. I’m hoping to go out to dinner

  94. I would love anything. I love getting presents.

  95. I am hoping to get some new clothes.

  96. I’m hoping to go out to dinner as well.

  97. I would love to sleep in and not cook all day! lol

  98. A visit from my son and daughter with their families.

  99. I’m not picky, a nice card would be nice and some new windshield wipers! LOL

  100. I am hoping to get a keurig!

  101. I’d love to get some homemade cards from the kids

  102. Just a nice relaxing day with the family and nice weather to have a cookout

  103. I hit enter by accident on your Summit X3 Jogging Stroller. I didn’t enter the contest because the link didn’t work. Please take this entry off.

  104. A spotless house.

  105. I got some wonderful flowers from my hubby!

  106. i got flower and card and sone new kitchen bowls from one son and the other son bought me a new sewing machine and a new serger

  107. I’m hoping to get a nice steak dinner!

  108. My kids are baking a cake – I love their creativity. That’s enough for me.

  109. some relaxing time with my family

  110. I’m hoping to get dinner made for me. A good house cleaning would be nice too.

  111. I would like to get a nice homemade card from my daughter.

  112. I would love a good blue ray player.

  113. Just a simple happy mother’s day is great

  114. I’d love to be taken out to eat for Mother’s Day.

  115. I’m hoping to get a day off to relax.

  116. I don’t do anything special for Mother’s Day because my kids live in a different state, but I do receive nice surprises in the mail.

  117. peace and quiet

  118. I got a new watch.

  119. I’m hoping to get an e-reader for Mother’s Day.

  120. Just a nice day with my family & no cooking.

  121. I would be thrilled to get a Mother’s Day card from my daughter. She hasn’t gotten me one in 15 years.

  122. I have the day off from work and I’m having dinner with my Mom & Dad, so that’s all that I want.

  123. A relaxing day would be nice.

  124. All I want is Breakfast in Bed

  125. love to spend time with family.

  126. I’m hoping to get some extra sleep

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