#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/20

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday!
#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/20
Just a little run down of the past week in the Sherman Family! 
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 Which of the pictures is your favorite?  
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  1. It too am over winter, so I loved the toilet photo!
    Thank you for linking up over at It’s My Life!

  2. What is up with the icicles in the toilet?

  3. The icicle in the toilet was the first thing that caught my eye!

  4. Holy Moly! Is that an icicle?

  5. Dare we ask what’s in the toilet? I’m assuming it’s compliments of kids! Boys in particular. Mine have flushed all kinds of things down the toilet….including underwear!

  6. Oh my, I’m sure it was a very interesting week.
    Thanks for sharing and hosting, hope you visit our WW http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop
    Have a great rest of the week”

  7. Thanks for hosting. I;m now following you. Enjoyed the photos.

  8. WOWZERS! HUGE icicle!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, did that ice actually grow out of the toilet??

  10. Danielle,
    No my husband pulled it off the roof of the house and left it in there as a prank.

  11. I’m glad you explained the toilet shot, had me wondering too. Happy WW, have a great week.

  12. I like the picture with three friends

  13. I was wondering about the toilet too! :o)

  14. ohh, I LOVE the sleeping baby on the couch!!!
    and ummm… for the barbie snack… that is SO much like my boys! lol

  15. Aww! cute photos
    Have a cutetastic week

  16. Well the giant icicle in the toilet caught my attention!

  17. Wondering what is in the toilet, but my favorite is your son eating the doll. Cute shots. Thanks for linking up.

  18. Such a cutie! They are so cute when they sleep

  19. What cute shots. Thank you for hosting this linky. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  20. Wow, that is quite the icicle!

  21. Great shots, I think the icicle caught my eye first. Thanks for hosting WW happy day!

  22. That’s one helluva icicle!

  23. I like them all, the last one is my favorite (the three on the couch).

  24. It looks like a lot going on there. Such a HUGE icicle!

  25. Very interesting shots. Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  26. Looks like a very interesting week to say the very least. I like the big icicle in your toilet and the bodiless barbie about to get chomped on… LOL! Thank you for sharing!

  27. If my husband where to see the pics he would say the commode. Which is your favorite?

  28. giant icicle in the toilet bowl!! haha
    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  29. The gigantic icicle in the toilet!!!
    Happy WW

  30. I am all for the snowy picture!!!

  31. Is that an ICICLE in the toilet? Ha ha, I love all of the pictures!

  32. I almost doused my laptop with coffee from laughing at the icicles in the toilet and your little dude pretending like he was going to eat a barbie head…

  33. Hmmm. Icicle in the toilet? Interesting. hahaha. Love the barbie head too. =)

  34. An icicle in the toilet? There’s got to be a story there! ☺
    Happy WW.

  35. That is a very large icicle. And I love that it’s in the toilet, lol!
    Thanks for linking up with Good Girl Gone Wife!

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