#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/13

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday 
#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/13
This week I thought I would share a few pictures from the last 7 days. 

#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/13

#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/13
Which one is your favorite?

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#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky 3/13

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  1. The snow pics! Beautiful!

  2. Wow that’s a lot of snow! I like the hair pic.

  3. Hard to pick a favorite! I’ll have to go with the crazy hair…so fun!

  4. I love your daughter’s hairdo!! That is what my hair used to look like when it was long (LOL)…wanna send me some snow my way? Please?

  5. Without a doubt, love that crazy hair shot!!!! Too funny!

  6. That is so unfair to make me choose one, loved the variety!

  7. Love the shots of the snow. Just beautiful! =)

  8. I love your daughter’s hair! It made me laugh.
    It snowed in Nebraska as well. I think we got 7 inches. It was warm the day after, so a lot of it melted off the streets.

  9. I love the three pics of the snow in the yard. Seeing as I live where it doesn’t snow, pictures like that are absolutely beautiful to me.

  10. My fav is your daughter with the crazy hair!
    Teresa from NanaHood.com

  11. I love the snow in the yard too. Have a great week.

  12. I like the one of the right the best.

  13. I love the pics of the snow, but I am soooo glad it’s not here. My husband drives over 40 miles both ways to work and I worry myself sick ’til I know he’s there, so snow is not really my thing, except in small doses, on days when my hubby is off work. lol

  14. Really nice photos! Thanks for hosting.

  15. Great photos and fab hairstyle! :o)

  16. Your daughters hair is too funny!

  17. Love the snow pictures!

  18. Love the photos, out of the snow photos I like the left one best

  19. Love that do, but the snow looks so soothing.

  20. I like the one where your daughter is at the RedBox in shorts in the snow

  21. My, my! Look at that crazy hair! lol. And I’ve done the Redbox and shorts thing in the middle of the winter too

  22. I love the hairdo!

  23. Love the messy hair photo.

  24. Wonderful pics!

  25. Oh my, what crazy hair!
    I love those snow pictures!

  26. love the hairdo!! that’s how I tend to look first thing in the morning. except she’s much cuter than my old tired mug. LOL

  27. up do! Just like my crazy hair. haha

  28. Some fun and wild pictures you have shared. Happy WW Thanks for hosting the party, hope to see you soon, have a great day!

  29. That’s one WILD hairdo! and your dog is SUPER cute!!!!

  30. I love the hair! Those trees are glorious.

  31. Love the winter photos as well as the adorable doggie!!!

  32. It’s hard to choose. I like them all. The winter pics are very neat but I’m kind of sick of snow. Bring on the sunshine!

  33. Love her hair

  34. Great pics! I love them!!

  35. Lovely assortment of pictures. The snow scenes are awesome. Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  36. I’m a sucker for snow pictures.
    slehan at juno dot com

  37. I love your pictures…

  38. My favorite would have to be the crazy pony tail. I like it.

  39. Love, love, love the photos of the snow, and that awesome wild hairdo is super cute too

  40. Wow, you too still have a lot of snow left.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Happy WW!

  41. have to pick the hairdo!

  42. LOVE the snow pics the best!!!
    Mines up as well at AussiePomm &#8211

  43. the snow collage is definitely frame worthy!
    Thank you for hosting WW with a linky, I have a linky on mine as well
    if you’d like to visit

  44. Fun and beautiful photos! Thank you for hosting a link-up. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  45. I like the outside ones and the puppy. Which is your favorite? Thanks for the linky. Please come visit me sometime as I also have one.

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