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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday!
This week, an example of what Minnesota dry winter’s do to long hair! 


My poor girl was playing with the boys, long hair does not mix well with microfiber couch, carpet and wild boys during a dry Minnesota winter. Thank Goodness for Bounce Dryer Sheets
Do you have any tips or tricks for taming static hair?
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  1. LOL….so funny! My girls have long beautiful blonde hair too, and forced air in Western NY does the same to us! Great captures!

  2. Funny. I thought it only did that when one touches the ball at the science museum.

  3. Hahaha, that’s so funny, really!

  4. Love the pic! We just spray some detangler on M’s static hair and it usually lays right down.

  5. LOL my daughter’s hair and mine are doing that too. I don’t know how to tame it. But dryer sheets probably help some.

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  7. That’s so wild! great shots

  8. LOL it looks like she got electrocuted! Dryer sheets are my secret weapon, too! Am I the only one that noticed the tiny person in the doghouse in the corner?

  9. That reminds me…time to take the kids to the Science Center. LOL!

  10. That is a RIOT!! I literally giggled out loud.

  11. Wow, that’s just crazy! It would drive me nuts if my hair to were to get like that. LOL I’ve never tried it but I heard you could use a dryer sheet (Bounce?) and rub it against your clothes (or hair?) to remove static.

  12. That is pretty spectacular!

  13. LOL! Very cute!!
    Happy WW!

  14. Haha I love this, very funny! I have very curly hair too and used to live in Florida – humidity and thick curls don’t go well together!!

  15. I love it! Not the dry air, but her hair.

  16. That’s happened to my daughter before too. So funny!

  17. The static has been driving me NUTS here lately, but that photo is hilarious! Glad I don’t have it that bad yet

  18. That is totally wicked!! My hair would look like an afro in Minnesota.

  19. Poor girl! It did make for a great photo though.

  20. What crazy wild fun these photos are! You know I always wanted to do this and never, ever did nor did my daughters. Oh pooh! Great shots. Thanks for linking!

  21. heheehehe…too funny! lol

  22. I bet that feels really funky. Does she get to give her brothers big zaps when touching them.LOL

  23. hahahah omg!

  24. Funny how kids always think that is so cool

  25. LOL.. Poor girl..

  26. Ha ha, so funny, I remember the balloons growing up! I just found your blog and I’m now following you, and I also linked up for the first time. http://www.todaywiththetennerys.com

  27. Ha! We get the same thing in Chicago — my boys have the best bed head in the morning… even though their hair is short

  28. While static hair isn’t really funny…LOL Great shot and caption. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  29. Youch! Bet she was “shocking”!!!! Thanks for linking up at NanaHood.com!

  30. Ha ha ha, we use bounce sheets on hair too when the static gets to be too much!

  31. a little bit of leave in conditioner and water in a spray bottle helps a lot!

  32. Hillarious!!

  33. It’s funny how the boys don’t even seem interested in the science of their sister’s hair and static. Thanks for the linky and have a wonderful 2013!
    Tina – Amanda’s Books and More

  34. LOL that’s funny and spooky
    Have a fantabulous week

  35. Classic. We keep our long hair tied back

  36. I can’t do anything but laugh honestly. That is so amazing how wiry her hair looks. Great picture.

  37. Awesome photo of the static!

  38. I’ve never seen hair with so much static!

  39. Angie
    That is so funny, I always have static hair problems in the witner

  40. The same thing happens to my poor daughter, and her hair is curly so it just becomes a tangled mess. And of course because she’s 3 she won’t stand still for brushing. I eventually have to dump half a bottle of conditioner on the nest….er, mess.

  41. Oh my goodness, that is…just…wow! Not sure I have EVER seen hair sticking up so much.
    Just for the record, I read somewhere that Jan 9th is National Static Electricity Day.

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  43. LOL! Cute shots! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  44. Oh wow now that is static!

  45. That is so crazy. It’s like when I touch or pet one of the cats and a spark occurs. Do you use the dryer sheets on her hair?

  46. Great action shots. :0)

  47. How crap that’s hilarious!

  48. Lol….funny. I’ve has electricity affect my hair before but never like this. This is wild and a great share!
    Happy WW

  49. Totally made me smile, thanx and happy WW!

  50. That is hilarious! I usually put a little lotion on my hands and smooth it over my head if it’s being that wild.

  51. HA! Too funny!

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