Favorite Time of Day #BoostYourBlog Challenge

Favorite Time of Day #BoostYourBlog Challenge
Every person has a list of favorites and it changes over the course of your life as you grow through different life stages and maturity levels, or as you have new life experiences. One favorite is time of day. What is your favorite time of day? Oddly enough my preference has never changed! For as long as I remember I have always preferred a special time as my favorite. However, I feel as if my favorite time does not qualify as I am a night owl, yes, that was my sad attempt at a little humor. 

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed late nights. As a kid I loved late nights because it was forbidden. I was supposed to be in bed, yet here I was hiding on the landing of the stairs secretly watching the television programs my parents were watching, or secretly listening to the conversations between my parents or the company they had over. 

As a teenager late nights are an obvious preference as that’s when all the fun happens! All the parties happen at night, all the trouble happens at night. I had a tendency to hang out with older people or friends my age that had no curfew, so late nights were many!
As a post teen late nights were obvious as I was always one to be game for closing the bar, shots, and tipsy dancing on the dance floor with music pounding to the migraine center of my brain and loving every minute of it! 
As a Mom of four I still prefer super late nights. I enjoy the quiet evenings while the house sleeps. I can watch tv with no fighting, arguing or a barrage of questions, needs and loud toys screeching in my ear. The lack of busy helps me focus on blogging, school work or some gaming if I choose to do so. I rarely take this time to read books for review, as I read better with noise, call me strange but it helps me focus. 
There is also an awesome perk from my love of the night, when my kids get older it would be very difficult for them to risk their lives (my threats) by sneaking out of the house or worse yet, sneaking others in. How? Well I am a late night person, especially on the weekends when I know I can sleep in. Most weekends I am still awake by the time my husband wakes up for the day. 
My husband is an early morning riser. Early morning literally means early morning. My husband starts his day at roughly 3-4 am. Crazy right?! Not my thing, not even close. This includes weekends. No sleeping in for him, he hates sleeping in and it spoils his day if somehow he accidentally does.
With my super late nights and his early morning shenanigans, there will be little to no chance of my kids getting into any type of late night trouble! 
So yes, though it is technically night, my favorite time of day is late night. MeMe, the oldest goes to bed between 9 and 10, so my quiet time usually starts around 11 and lasts as long as I decide! I love this time, and it is a quiet relaxing end to my day that helps my bedtime ritual, a quiet wind time time is perfect for this busy Mom! 
What is your favorite time of day? Why do you favor that time?
Favorite Time of Day #BoostYourBlog Challenge
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— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) January 8, 2013

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  1. I love this post as I am a fellow night owl. NOT a morning person for sure. When my daughter was a teen, I was always awake to see if she kept curfew or not

  2. My favorite time of day is after 10 at night. I am a night owl too and I enjoy this time for myself because everyone is asleep, no phone ringing, very quiet for me to do things without interruptions

  3. My fiance is usually up by 6, and he isn’t even working anymore (workers comp injury). I prefer to roll out of bed around 8 on the days I don’t work. I like to stay up till around midnight

  4. my sister is a night owl, I am asleep by 10 on most nights. as my husband says as soon as I hit the bed I am asleep!!

  5. I waffle. : ) In the summer I like early mornings, but I veer to late nights and sleeping in through the winter.

  6. my favorite time of day is probably also late at night after all the chores are done. I enjoy the peacefulness but I usually end up falling asleep soon after. lol

  7. I love late nights – the house is still and sleeping and I can actually get things done. Unfortunately, my little girls get up super early (for me at least – 6:45am), and so it’s hard to actually enjoy late nights anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person though!

  8. I used to enjoy the late nights, but as my husband is a night owl and our daughter is an early bird…I got stuck trading in my late nights for early mornings. IF I manage to wake up before my daughter, I love the quiet time I have where I can meander around quietly and not have to worry about a toddler getting into something. The unfortunate part of that is I never know when she’ll get up lol.

  9. I’m a night owl, but I don’t particularly know why I prefer it, I just always have. Now, it means spending some alone time with my husband while the kids are in bed, (please note that said time is only on the weekends because he has to get up at 5am on weekdays for PT.) Whether that time be used to watch TV programs or movies that we can’t when the kids are up, to read, or just snuggle and relax, I look forward to it. I loved while on leave for Christmas. Though he would sleep in until almost noon, (or later some days), and I had to wake up by 8am at the latest for the kids, he was up late at night with me.

  10. I like mornings. Not as early as your husband, but still I like to get up with those who work a normal job. I also stay up late and play video games. My children have no hope for debauchery…

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