Who’s There, Little Hoo? Great Halloween Book!

Who’s There, Little Hoo? Great Halloween Book!
Who’s There, Little Hoo?
By: Brenda Ponnay

Little Hoo is at home in his tree when suddenly there is a knock, who could it be? When Hoo glances out the door it looks like a scary ghost, or is it? Each time there is a knock at the door Little Hoo is frightened by the visitor behind the door, until………
Who’s There, Little Hoo? Is an adorable Children’s book filled with Halloween fun! The illustrations are fun and crisp. The story line is fun for all ages. Each time a visitor knocks at the door Hoo gets a little frightened until the door opened and it is Hoo’s friend wearing their Halloween costume for the Halloween party. 
At the end of the book there is a cutout page for kids to make their very own Little Hoo mask. 
The kids and I really enjoyed this book, a perfect book for the Halloween season!

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