#WW Wordless Wednesday 9/5 + Linky

Welcome to Another Wordless Wednesday
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Today the kids went back to School!


Aaaaahhhhhh Time for this Mama to relax a little! 

Do you have a back to school Mama ritual?

#WW Wordless Wednesday 9/5 + Linky ~ Link Up your Wednesday Posts via Moms Bookshelf & More —-> ow.ly/dsqMc
— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) September 4, 2012

#WW Wordless Wednesday 9/5 + Linky

I was awarded the favorite photo for last weeks Wordless Wednesday, Check it out at The Crumby Mummy!
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  1. No relaxing for this full-time working mama! School time and summer time all merge into one

  2. Your kids are gorgeous, and they look happy about starting school!

  3. Yay for relax time! And what a beautiful family!!

  4. Dang, even your kids look all literary and smart, like their mama!!!! Even though you get to relax during the day and I am homeschooling 5 little people, I have decided we can still be friends and I will live THROUGH you. Cool?

  5. Is that your sons teacher? She looks so young! Or I am just getting old. haha

  6. Our kids are unschoolers so no back to school for us, – awesome pics of your kids!

  7. Aww great pictures!

  8. Back to school for us yesterday. Your kids are all gorgeous!

  9. Kerrie,
    hahaha relax..are you kidding me? It’s even more hectic around here. When the three older are around at least I have help with the younger two. Now that they are back in school, it’s my sole responsibility to watch every move these two little guys do, and as well all know, that is like the full time job of 5 people, especially with my little tornado Brody!
    However, in 3 ears when he goes to school, I will for sure sit back and relax or sleep the day away, I will need all the relaxation!

  10. Amanda,
    Yes that is my sons teacher. She is new to the school this year but after talking with her I am sure she will do just fine. Our school is very, very supportive of new teachers. Yes she does look very young haha I told my husband she looks like she barely left high school hahaha.

  11. They look so happy!Hope they through a happy day and make good friends!www.seoacer.com Nice blog here!

  12. Such happy, smiling faces!

  13. Great pics! I hope they have a great school year!

  14. Well…what did you do?!!

  15. Such an exciting time!!
    ****On another note- as a mom I just had to tell you(hope you don’t take this the wrong way) that you really shouldn’t display your child’s school on the internet. It just isn’t safe anymore.

  16. Cute photos! Mine went back to school today also, and the only pic I got of my 8 yr old was of her crying. Grrr lol.
    Happy WW!

  17. You can not deny genetics works in your family. What a great looking bunch of kids!

  18. I am not sure going back to school made my life that much easier – there were different issues and carpools. But, I always love the hustle and bustle of a new school year!
    Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  19. My kids went back to school last week because of the new school construction. Your kids look gorgeous and ready to head back. I was happy to have the house to myself again. =)

  20. Your kids are gorgeous!

  21. I can’t wait to have a back to school ritual!

  22. They grow up sooo fast.We just moved to Texas and left the kids…adults…living in Virginia:(

  23. It’s back to school here today as well, my WW photos this week too! Hope your kids have a great year!

  24. Beautiful kids! Looks like a great first day.

  25. Nothing Like a little mama R&R!

  26. Such confident and beautiful kids. My baby girl starts kindergarten on Thursday and I’m a wreck. Any advice?

  27. The house is so quiet now without the kids… not complaining too much

  28. Such nice pics, and they all looked somewhat ‘happy’ to be heading back to school!!!
    Mines up as well at AussiePomm &#8211

  29. Love their beatuiful wide smiles, They appear so excited to be returning to school

  30. Great pics, hope this will be a fabulous school year.

  31. It looks like the kids are as excited as you. I’m a new follower, happy Wednesday!

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