#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky 8/14

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  This Weeks topic- Funny!
Linky Below Pictures.
#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky 8/14

#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky 8/14

#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky 8/14

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  1. Hilarious! I especially love the alarm clock/snooze button pic!

  2. These made me smile! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I NEED that alarm clock for my hubby! LOL Thanks for the linky and the laugh!

  4. Too funny!!

  5. hilarious photos!!! love the first one :))

  6. haha! funny stuff!

  7. Awesome! Thank you for the laughs!

  8. The first one reminds me of WC Fields .
    Have a great WW!

  9. Hahahahahahahahaha! I love the snooze button apparatus! Unfortunately, I use my cell phone as my alarm clock. Not too sure how that would work out…

  10. Hilarious! Some mornings I should really think about putting tacks on my alarm too

  11. Haha those are funny! I need the tacks on my alarm clock too.

  12. Funny! I like the alarm clock one the best

  13. Thanks for the laugh

  14. Those are funny. I don’t use an alarm clock anymore, the joys of 1-being a SAHM 2-I have a baby that wakes me when he is hungry, but I have to say that is really funny.

  15. The anti-snooze is fantastic! That would certainly wake you up

  16. lol – cute!! I love the anti-snooze button. I posted my WW.

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