25 Things All First Time Parents Should Know

25 Things All First Time Parents Should Know
25 Things All First Time Parents Should Know

  1. Giving birth hurts, but it fades quickly, a euphoric high kicks in minutes after delivery.
  2. It’s ok for the nurse to take baby to the nursery for the night to get some sleep
  3. If you choose to breast feed, you will not be a pro, it’s difficult. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. People will bombard you with advice and criticism, everyone does, stick up for yourself if you feel overwhelmed.
  5. Allow extra time for travel, packing up with a baby takes a lot of time.
  6. When baby is sleeping, be noisy, it trains your baby to sleep soundly, white noise is perfect.
  7. Babies are used to tight spaces, swaddling is comforting to them, Halo Sleep sacks are amazing!
  8. If baby appears yellow, notify Dr immediately, baby could be jaundiced. Easily fixed with sunlamps.
  9. Baby’s skin is sensitive no need for harsh lotions or shampoos
  10. Sleep as much as you can, you’ll need it.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, newborns are very overwhelming
  12. You will get peed on, we all do
  13. You will be emotional, your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes, if it seems like it is severe or lasting too long contact your Dr. for help.
  14. Babies grow fast, super fast
  15. There is no such thing as spoiling a baby, pick them up and soothe them.
  16. Diaper rash happens, don’t feel bad or guilty if baby gets a rash.
  17. You can never have too large of a diaper stock pile. If baby grows out and you still have some left you can donate to local agencies, Human services, Shelters, Food Pantry, Emergency services, etc.
  18. Remember to snuggle your partner, you can easily get wrapped up with baby & forget that the two of you need some cuddle time too.
  19. Don’t worry too much about the fluff and frill, it’s all about the baby and the bonding, all the extra pretty stuff like décor, designer stuff etc. means nothing to your baby, he has no idea.
  20. Don’t fret too much about a strict schedule; babies have minds of their own, focus more on a “routine” Bedtime routine, morning routine and naptime routine. Stay consistent with the same indicators of these times so baby will be relaxed.
  21. You are not superwoman, no matter how badly you want that to be true, you’re not. Relax
  22. Recovery takes time, especially with c-sections, give yourself time to heal
  23. Babies appetites fluctuate. One time they may eat double what is recommended for their age and sometimes you’ll be lucky if they eat half. It’s about output, not input. As long as they are having 5-9 wet diapers a day they ok.
  24. It may take awhile before you are ready for sex, that’s ok, take your time and begin when you are ready.
  25. Babies grow up SO fast before you know it you will have a Toddler, cherish these newborn moments, you WILL miss them. 
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  1. This is a lovely and thoughtful post. Good of your to write it. It’ll be a big help to many. I wish I’d seen this before my first, lol.

  2. Oh this brings back memories. I remembering learning all this stuff the hard way.

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