Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

We live in what’s labeled Lakes Country in Minnesota. 
It makes for some beautiful scenery!
Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW
Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW

Wordless Wednesday 6/26 #WW
Happy Wordless Wednesday

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  1. These were beautiful photos. I love clouds myself and am always taking pictures of the sky. Love your sunset, must say you have a very beautiful view. Happy WW!

  2. It really is beautiful here in the spring, summer and fall. lol

  3. Gorgeous clouds and sunsets! Thanks for the lovely nature break today!

  4. I love horizon photos and these are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  5. Gorgeous photos!

  6. OMG DROOL!!!
    i love big fluffy clouds like that!
    So beautiful

  7. Lovely skies!

  8. Beautiful Sky pics! I too enjoy looking at the sky and seeing all the beauty God creates for us.

  9. Beautiful! I love the sun set pics!

  10. Thank You, I was inspired by another post from last weeks round of Wordless Wednesday. Luckily we had some picturesque weather the past week helping me capture so amazing pictures.

  11. That looks like a beautiful place to live. Love the sunset pics!

  12. Beautiful scenery indeed! And what beautiful photos you took

  13. beautiful… your skies are so wide open– love it.
    Just saying “hi” and hugs and all that good stuff from our little Localsugarhawaii.com Wordless Wednesday link up. Thanks for being a part of this beautiful group.

  14. Great shots! Makes me wish I was at the lake right now!

  15. I love those pics! Especially the cloud ones!

  16. Although the scenery is beautiful, I don’t think I could handle the winters.

  17. I miss the lakes of Minnesota so so much!

  18. I love the clouds!!!

  19. Beautiful photos.

  20. Beautiful images. Love the sunset shot.

  21. Beautiful photos! Happy Wednesday!

  22. I especially love those sunset photos. Beautiful light!

  23. Just gorgeous!
    Every photo!

  24. Such gorgeous photos! I’d love to have scenery like that around here

  25. Thank You! Lakes Area is absolutely beautiful! Small town living, great schools and over abundance of lakes all making for beautiful scenery! Next week I think I am going to capture the beauty of our woods and wooded areas.

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