“Getting Louder” about Bullying, Today is the Day!

Our local school is promoting April 20th 2012 as the day to “GET LOUDER” Our school is wearing blue to putting a stop to bullying. Here are some interesting facts and numbers. Please take the time today to talk about Bullying.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! My daughter has been the victim of bullying this year, so this is important to me!

  2. Good for you getting the word out it is such an important issue!
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    Happy Friday!
    Natalie @ Great Contradictions

  3. Thanks for sharing about this. We wear pink at our school, but earlier in the year for bullying because of the story of a boy who was bullied because he wore pink so a bunch of students stood up to the bullies by wearing pink.
    Visiting from the Drop it Like its Hot Hop.

  4. Bullying is a concern for me. I’m praying by the time my son starts school it will be if not under control that at least kids can get the support they need if they fall prey to this horrible experience. Good post great infogram.

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