Chain Gang Elementary by Jonathan Grant

Chain Gang Elementary by Jonathan Grant
Chain Gang Elementary
By Jonathan Grant


   Richard Gray was a Father of an elementary school boy in a school district filled with drama. Gray was thrust into the world of PTO and the politics that goes with it. When the prestige school is faced with redistricting and the addition of the “apartment kids” or the poor kids and low test scores the school and PTO is in an up rise and the social battle of a lifetime. 
   Chain Gang Elementary is one of the longest, grueling book I have read in a very long time. The plot seemed to drag on forever with a lot of small talk and chit chat between a lengthy list of characters and small roles. The main character Richard Gray was surrounded by a world of women and politics leading to a lot of back and forth conversations throughout the book making it difficult to follow and stay attentive. 
   The book only became page turning and attention grabbing towards the end of the book, if a reader was to keep reading that far the ending of the book would be rewarding and worth the read. I felt it was very difficult sticking with the book but I must admit the last handful of chapters really intrigued me with deep plots and impeccable writing. 
   While I recommend this book take heed only for the very dedicated reader who will stick through the very long, small print book to the sugar coated page turning plot towards the end. 
   Jonathan Grant is a good creative writer though my copy had several spelling and grammatical errors the books print was quite small and may be hard for some to read. 
   On a scale of 1-5 stars, I would rate this book a 2 simply because it took so long to get anywhere near the interesting turn of events that actually sparked my interest in this book. The majority of the book was boring and filled with back and forth small talk dragging on forever bouncing my attention all over the place finding it very difficult to keep track of the story line. 
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