Shocking Line of Commercials Released from CDC

I stayed up late last night watching TV. I was flipping back and forth between shows when a commercial came on that shocked me. I was completely dumbfounded and blown away by the ad. 
I grabbed my laptop and began to search. When I located the commercial I found even more and they were each just as horrific or worse. 
Shocking Line of Commercials Released from CDC
The commercials are the newest batch of quit smoking commercials. They make a point, loud and clear. 
I’m not starting a quit smoking/smoking debate simply because I have dabbled on both sides of that fence. 
I started smoking when I was in 5th grade. When I was pregnant with my MeMe I quit and started back up around her 1st birthday. That continued until I was pregnant with Bruiser nearly 5 years ago. 
It was very, very difficult to quick and tough it has been a long time I still battle sudden cravings that pop up out of nowhere. 
I am very thankful I quit and that I am able to successfully overcome the cravings and sudden lure of a quick drag as many succumb to the nicotine fits.
I thought I would share these videos with you simply for the news worthy topic not to push you in any one direction, unless my Mother is reading this in which case she knows my stance in her situation  :[

What are your thoughts on the Ads? Do you think this will affect smokers? If you are a smoker what is your reaction and response to the commercials?

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  1. I am a smoker and those adds are scary! I think this campaign might just work

  2. They’re even scarier than those Canadian cigarette packs with the diseased lungs on them.

  3. Good for the CDC. A warning on a pack of cigarettes is a non-entity compared to these commercials. I’ve never been a smoker but my hubby was. He quit in his 30s when he developed a hacking cough. I hope these ads convince others to quit too–before it’s too late for them.

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