Lost Boy by Brent W. Jeffs

Lost Boy by Brent W. Jeffs

Brent Jeffs is the nephew of Warren Jeffs, the polygamy leader of the FLDS. Brent was a member of the prestigious Jeffs family. One would think with the last name Jeffs he would have been protected and almost made to be like an idol. This is not the case at all. You would also think as a member of the Jeffs family excommunication, molest, rape, mental torture and abuse would not be an issue, that you would be protected. I was very shocked to find out that was furthest from the truth. Brent Jeffs was a little boy when Warren was a young man. Under the supervision of Warren’s father, Warren ran and taught at the school that once existed in Short Creek.
After many years of abuse and fighting the family that hurt him so badly he was kicked out of the FLDS, having the majority of his family turn their backs on him, Brent joined his exiled brothers to become a “Lost Boy”. A Lost Boy are the boys and young men of the FLDS that were either forced to leave or have runaway and escaped the FLDS.
Brent Jeffs was the first of the Lost Boys to start civil and criminal cases against Warren Jeffs, who had raped and molested many young boys in the polygamous sect. The story shows an inside view of Warren’s rise to control and power. I love that Brent went and fought the very person that victimized him regardless of power. The Lost Boys started it all! A very good book!
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  1. Definitely a book I want to read!

  2. Such a sad story. I will have to read this.

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