Dear Teacher, I Apologize for Being a Bratty Bitch………

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The Original Post: Promt was:
What my high school teachers probably wrote about me in their journal…

My Original Post, Part one: 

Dear Journal, I Hate This Student, I’m Sure They Said That……….


Dear Former Teachers,                                                        1994-1998
            Hi it’s me Miranda. Before you light this paper on fire and open a bottle of the best Merlot you own, let me explain.

First and foremost I would like to apologize for being rude. I am sorry for being disrespectful, disruptive, bitchy and manipulative. That was not acceptable and I am surprised you never randomly jumped me in a mall parking lot and beat the ever loving hell out of me.
            There is no excuse for my behavior. I had an issue with authority, plain and simple. The more someone told me no, the more I replied with a “fuck off” and then do what I wanted anyway. You were not the only one tortured with my behavior. There were my parents and grandparents, my coaches, any of my family and the list could go on forever.
            I could sit here and speculate the how and why until we are blue in the face but what would that accomplish? My apology would come across fake or like I was shifting the blame. I won’t do that.
            I just wanted to offer a special apology to you. Since I have grown p and changed a lot, I have realized how vital your role is and how underpaid you are for that role. I made your job far more difficult and I’m sorry.
            I hope this reaches you somehow, someway and I hope it is well received, as I am not the same person I was back then.
Well Wishes
Miranda Sherman (Mitchell) 
Rotten student from:
·        East Grand Forks Middle School
·        East Grand Forks Sacred Heart High School
·        Red River High School, Grand Forks
·        Fosston High School
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