Nate Rocks the World by: Karen Pokras Toz

Nate Rocks the World by: Karen Pokras Toz
Nate Rocks the World
by: Karen Pokras Toz


    Nathan Rockledge is a typical 10 year old boy. His older sister is annoying and drives him crazy. His Mom has no cooking ability, though he would never tell her that. His best friend Tommy always seems to have it all, a real escape for Nate. His Dad is always fun and makes the best Christmas pancakes ever! The real catcher about Nate, he ROCKS! Nate is always saving the day by filling in for the lead singer in a rock band, hitting a home run for the Phillies or even helping out Santa when he is injured and saving Christmas. That Nate, he ROCKS!
        Nate Rocks the World was a fantastic book! It was a very exciting read that had me captivated by what Nate would be up to next. Like most children Nate’s imagination got the best of him when he was bored. His imagination would take him to outer space, the North Pole, Rock Stadiums and more. This book clearly encourages imagination. This book would keep any young reader turning the pages. I feel some words may be a little advanced for elementary age students, but with some sounding out and possibly a little parental help they could figure it out, even they didn’t and skipped the word the story would still make sense.
        I also enjoyed the realistic problems Nate had. From the bad cooking, the annoying project partner he was paired with, the sister that always irritated him and the vacation that spiraled down the drain. It was a great book and I recommend to all young readers. I have even put in a purchase request at our local library so we would have it for the community!
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  1. what a sweet book, I think I’ll add this one to my Christmas list. Hugs!!

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