Sore Throat Season ~ Try This Miracle Cough Drop!

Sore Throat Season ~ Try This Miracle Cough Drop!Sore Throat Season ~ Try This Miracle Cough Drop!

Tis the season for runny noses, headaches, coughs and sore throats! The kids have been back to school for one week and our house is crawling with cold germs.
It started the other night, Brody woke up from his nap and just from the look on his sweet little face and those droopy eyes I knew he was sick. Two days later and Bruiser was hit with symptoms. Two victims so far…..until tonight. I was sitting in my chair watching TV when I started to get a headache, not more than 15 minutes later my throat started to hurt BAM! I have it too. Great, the boys are not over theirs yet and now I have it. There is nothing more difficult than being ill and having sick kids. Your bug hangs on three times longer because you do not have the chance to take care of yourself. About 2 hours ago Sherman calls me on my phone from upstairs asking if I could go to the store, buy LOTS of cough drops and ibuprofen..He has it too!  Watch out world, don’t stop by our house anytime soon, we are contaminated!

At Wal-Mart I bought my favorite cough drops. Ricola Honey-Herb. They work great, very affordable and taste decent. Then I noticed Ricola came out with a new cough drop. Ricola Dual Action Cherry Flavored. I thought “ah what the hell” and bought two packages. I opened it up and tried it immediately when I got home. The taste is decent, still has that strong cherry flavor that reminds me of cough syrup. Then all of a sudden it was gooey in my mouth (shut up) and my throat went numb! NUMB folks, no more pain. It was AWESOME!! I knew instantly I had to spread the word.
This is pure Mother to Mother tips and suggestions. I am not getting paid or any of that other bullshit, I just want to let you know that this is awesome and will help with the pain, go to the store and stock up now! It is a cough drop/oral anesthetic. I hope this information is helpful and to be very honest I hope it’s a complete waste of your money, because I don’t want any of you to get sick. Being sick sucks, flat out sucks! Here’s to a sick and illness free fall/winter!

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Sore Throat Season ~ Try This Miracle Cough Drop!

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  1. Hi Miranda,
    Thanks for the information. I’m a fan of Ricola honey too, and the Elderberry ones ( I could eat those bad boys like Jolly Ranchers) but I haven’t tried the dual action cherry ones, I’ll be on the look out for them.
    I hope you and yours get well soon!

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