KarDasHian Konfidential

KarDasHian Konfidential

  My review for today is, Kardashian Konfidential by the Kardashian sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. I have been watching the Kardashian drama since the beginning. I started because I was curious why they were even on TV. I thought to myself, why on earth would they give this family a show? At that point most of the world knew very little of the family. Known Facts at that time: Kim was Ray J’s sex tape co star with the luscious booty, She was the brunette look alike of Paris Hilton, Their Father was best known for successfully representing OJ Simpson in his first trial, their Step-Father, Bruce Jenner, was an amazing athlete during his time and their Gorgeous Step-brother is none other than Brody Jenner. That is what the world knew of the Kardashian Klan. So I was curious and began watching. I was hooked. Not in the sense that I would move to California and start following them around, but that I found their family somewhat similar to my outspoken crazy family and decided I would continue to tune in. Since then I have tuned in weekly to their show and the spin offs as well. When I heard they wrote a book I decided to check it out.

   Let me say, WOW, I was shocked. These girls are not the spoiled, trust fund babies they are often accused of being. This book is very well written and gives the reader an amazing private peek into their life and their childhood. The book begins with their childhood, their family, Father and heritage. Their father, Robert Kardashian raised them with an intense bond to the Armenian way of life. He was very strict and in no way did he indulge their every want and demand. He and their Mother Kris instilled an intense work ethic and drive. They worked for their father as teens, treating them as employees, receiving no special treatment. He even went so far to write up a strict contract when he gave them their first car. As a parent, yes, I will be copying it and using it with my kids when the day comes. The sisters continue on by talking about their parents divorce, Kris remarrying, OJ’s murder trial, and the death of their father. There is a lot of heart and emotion in this book! The second half of the book begins with Kris Jenner the “Momager” and the how everything evolved. Enter the celebrity. They explain how the show began and all things related. The rest of the book is filled with their rules for behavior and being a “celebrity”, Paparazzi, Press, Perks, Hair and Makeup, Styling, Posing, Personal Info, Boys and relationships. The book wraps up with their business, holidays, advice for the younger girls. 

   The book is filled with hand written notes from over the years, pictures, family pictures, cards and letters, interviews, tidbits and advice. A real insider view. I highly recommend this book. If you are not a fan of the Kardashians check out the book simply to read the touching story of their childhood and their fathers battle with cancer and how the family fell apart when he passed. You will be surprised how much heart these girls have. This book shows they are not trust fund divas. In fact, spoiler alert……when their Father passed they were left with sentimental items only such as a bible, childhood stuffed monkey etc. etc. Money, estate and everything was left to his wife who he had married only 6 weeks prior to his passing. Khloe had to steal some stuff just to keep his memory alive because the wife would not allow them to have it..GO KHLOE! 
   Two thumbs up, great read, page turner filled with emotion!

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KarDasHian Konfidential

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  1. I love the Kardashian’s. And I love to read but probably would not have bought the book. You changed my mind.
    Hopping over from Circle of Friends….

  2. Hey there. Stopped over from FTLOB. I don’t watch their shows consistently, but will if channel surfing by, but – they do intrigue me. Their value of family and work ethic is clear, no question. I probably won’t read the book – just cause I have so many other books on my ‘must read’ list, but I enjoyed your summary and learned a few new things! One being, not to judge my daughter when I learn that she is reading it! Ha! ;o)

  3. i used to watch their original show until the girls bought their mom a monkey to satisfy her maternal needs. that kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in real life. i stop and glance at it when it’s on, but am no longer a faithful viewer. there’s a good chance i’ll read the book now as a result of seeing your review.

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  5. Forgot to say the I voted for you on Picket Fence and Top Mommy blogs

  6. Awesome Thank You so much! Headed your way now!

  7. I’ve been wanting to read this!! I love the Kardashians…except Rob. LOL
    Stopping in from FTLOB a day late

  8. Hopping over from FTLOB. Wow, that is the first time I have ever heard anyone say there is more to them than fame seekers. I haven’t watched the Kardashian show in ages. I will admit it is entertaining and I doubt they are going anywhere especially since the younger Jenner girls are coming into their own.

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