Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson

Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson

   I loved this book! There was so much about Kendra I never knew. When she was on The Girls Next Door with Hefner I didn’t watch the show very often. I probably missed a lot of information so when I had seen she wrote a book I decided I was going to check it out. I was shocked to see her teen years and my teen years were very similar. Her teen years were very rough and she got into a lot of trouble. She walks you through her childhood, teen years and how she was introduced to Hefner and the life of Playboy. She writes about her first night serving drinks at a playboy party and Hef asking her to be one of his girlfriends and how she moved into the mansion that changed her life forever. There were a lot of details of Playboy life and even some juicy little secrets. The book shares her meeting and falling in love with her husband Hank Baskett, their hidden relationship, the proposal and finding out they were expecting a baby. It was an awesome read, a real insider look of her life and life of a Hugh Hefner girlfriend. I highly recommend this book. Give it a shot…at least for the juicy secrets of Playboy life!

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Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson
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  1. Sounds like a great book! I’ll have to check it out from the library!

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