Eight Little Faces by Kate Gosselin

Eight Little Faces by Kate Gosselin

   I am so glad I borrowed this from the library and didn’t purchase it! I had picked it up and completed it in about 10 minutes. This book was basically a family photo album with a few scripture passages. I was very disappointed! I am sorry but in my opinion this is why the media, critics and even some of the Gosselins friends and family are saying that the children are being exploited!! Sorry Kate this is very over the top for me, I would not recommend this book at all, next time you are at the library sure go take 5-10 minutes to look at a photo album but then head to the real books!

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Eight Little Faces by Kate Gosselin
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  1. I so agree! I got this at the Dollar Tree and that’s about its worth. I kept thinking, “Wow – she was able to basically publish a family photo album as a book!” You’re right about this type of thing giving Kate Gosselin a bad name.

  2. that is sad she is doing that to those beautiful babies. I watched the show because i wanted to see what half asian babies looked like ect (my children are half chinese) but stopped watching just because of her and her attitude.

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