An Angel From Hell by Ryan Conklin

An Angel From Hell by Ryan Conklin

   I finally finished An Angel From Hell by Ryan Conklin. I have to admit this book took me awhile to finish. Ryan Conklin was a castmate on MTV’s Real World and had a fun, happy, easy going personality. He was the funny all American guy with the guitar and hilarious songs. He had a bit of a temper but it took quite awhile to push him that far. At the end of the season he receives heart breaking news that he was being called back for another round of active duty. It was a hard episode to watch and when I found out later he had written a book I was ecstatic and had to read it! The book starts off with a very quick recap of his childhood and how they moved to Gettysburg, PA. How and where he was when he found out about 9/11 and how he decided to enlist during his senior year of High School. After completing basic training he became an Infantryman in December 2003. He then joined and trained rigorously with his unit 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans). He served in Angel Company for the majority of his time. The company carried the nickname of “Angels from Hell” He walks you through his deployment and all that came with it. His crazy ride with the psychotic bus drivers in Kuwait, to guard towers, to accidentally sitting in a pile of poo during watch one night. He shares some very scary details, some hilarious details and some very heartbreaking stories. There were several moments in the book where I had to stop, it was just a little much for me to handle. He writes very descriptively and paints a very graphic picture in some scenes. It is a very good book and I highly recommend it! Reader will have a wide range of emotions while reading book! Thanks Ryan for the peek into your world, the military and the time you served your county! Thank You so Much!

Here is an episode from his season on MTV’s Real World that captures a lot of his personality and his life!

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An Angel From Hell by Ryan Conklin
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  1. I’d like to read this book, in fact am putting it on my Amazon Kindle wish list. Thanks for the review. Both my boys served in Afghanistan, one with the Marines the other Air Force. They are both still active duty members. New follower from The Monster Hop. Would love a visit and follow back @ Life or Something Like It.

  2. honestly, i have never heard of this book yet but looks really interesting. i have time, i will search for it.

  3. This has defiantly peaked my interested and I think this would be a book I would be into it. Thank you for sharing.

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