Triumph by Carolyn Jessop

Triumph by Carolyn Jessop

  Fantastic book! A great follow up to her first book Escape. She walks you through the raid in Texas on the Yearning For Zion ranch, ran by her ex-husband Merill Jessop. The stats and behind the scenes information that the general public did not hear was absolutely shocking! The second part of the book was an update on how her family has been doing since the last book and the raid in Texas.
  After reading several books by different authors regarding the FLDS, I am mortified that we haven’t been able to do something about this. The resources needed just to crack the surface is unbelievable! It breaks my heart to read these stories and see all the trauma and abuse in the FLDS. I wish there was something I or we as a country could do.
I highly recommend this book and all of the other FLDS books I have read, it’s a real eye opener!

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Triumph by Carolyn Jessop
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  1. I really enjoyed both her books as well. And I agree that it is horrifying that nothing is being done about the abuses going on in the name of religion.

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