Church Of Lies by Flora Jessop

Church Of Lies by Flora Jessop

  WOW!!! As you all know I have read a lot of FLDS books. This one tops them all so far!! Flora Jessop tells her story of growing up in the FLDS where she was abused, molested, raped, tortured, held captive, and married off to a cousin at 14. This story has been the most gut wrenching, traumatic read yet. Her story really opens your eyes to the issues that need to be dealt with. I believe in Religious freedom..but this goes way beyond that. Flora Jessop has endured years of pain, very similar to Dave Pelzer who wrote “A Child Called It”. I am absolutely disgusted with the way Arizona and Utah’s CPS and State Attorney’s along with many other government programs and officials that ignored the abuse and send these children right back into these situations. I think it is horrible that the abuse that goes on there is widely ignored! The brainwashing, the intimidation, the fear for their lives! This is out of control! The FLDS really does believe they are beyond the rules and laws of society and often times they buy their way right into that belief! Flora Jessop escaped this tortuous hell hole and started a life of her own outside of the FLDS. As many apostates and outcasts, she was on the run, left to stripping and drugs. When she finally changed her life and cleaned up she married a wonderful man and started her own underground secret system of helping young girls escape their own hell. She fought tooth and nail with all of the court systems and process’ She helped young girls, Women with Children, anyone that needed help leaving. She is an amazing woman with an amazing story! I highly recommend this book!

Side note: One thing I learned more about in this book was Fumarase Deficiency. Which is highest in Utah and Arizona mainly the FLDS and is caused by inbreeding. Most people born with this birth defect are completely dependent for all their needs and are severely mentally handicapped…My opinion, another reason we really need to do something about this!!

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Church Of Lies by Flora Jessop
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  1. This makes me so sad… I read “A child called it” which was so difficult to get through…

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  4. Sounds so sad!

  5. I have seen things about FLDS on tv but have never read a book, looks like a sad but interesting book. Visiting from Thursday almost friday blog hop. ~April

  6. I am certain I would cry through the whole book! Thanks for hopping by The MamaZone today. I’m following you now.

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