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  So I mentioned to tune in today…well here it is.

   Today I use a writing prompt from over on Bloggy Moms, Part of the Blog Dare.

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     J.R maybe you noticed you were left out of yesterdays post, maybe your feelings were a little hurt, no, not you. You were thinking,
“What the fuck bitch, I thought you liked reading my shit?” Well I do! You are in a different category though. Because you are special, and as part of today’s Blog Dare you get a post of your very own! Hope you enjoy!

Blog CrushBlog Crush

   J.R is the argyle wearing, boldly bald, call it as he sees it, no nonsense, guy from Sex and the Single Dad. Though I am a new reader, I was instantly hooked when the first post I read was “Hand over your Man Card” Oh hell I was laughing my ass off! After reading, I started reading more of his posts and have been laughing ever since! This guy cracks me up! Recently his Wordless Wednesday post was a picture of a hot air balloon with a gigantic ass, wearing black floss as underwear, now thats a booty! I clicked on the post and my jaw hit the floor, I was laughing so hard it took me forever to come up with a caption.

  I also have to give him props as he is a full time, full custody Father….to a teenager! He refers to her as Drama Queen or DQ, and as you know, a 13 year old girl,… that description is VERY accurate! The blog does not revolve around her, though she is in some posts. Her most recent mention was when the two of them, along with his nephew took the dog to the beach and yes, there was drama. “I asked him if he took them off when we got onto the sand and he nodded his head yes.  I looked over at my daughter and asked, “And I suppose you never noticed him sitting on the ground and taking his shoes off, did you Nanny McPhee?” ( I was going to go with Mary Poppins, but Nanny McPhee seemed hipper and cooler).”  After leaving the beach they headed through the drive through for some food and …..well….you’ll just have to go over and read the post, it’s too damn funny to try and explain it! FUNNY SHIT HERE
   The way he exerts his manliness and his take no shit attitude makes me blush, total turn on! I also find his “in your face” style of writing wild and exciting! He has a way of grabbing you with that first sentence, never failing to deliver in the end..Possible pun intended, though I would never know ;0 
So here’s to you J.R! Your posts make me laugh and keep me coming back! I hope your page blows up with a ton of visits and you get some new followers because you deserve it! J.R… are my bloggy crush!

Blog Crush

Now, go see what he’s all about! 

** This post is inspired by the writing prompt, My bloggy crush on Bloggy Moms
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Blog Crush
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