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   Today I use a writing prompt from over on Bloggy Moms, Part of the Blog Dare.

a mom blog community

The topic was “My bloggy best friend.” Well thats difficult, so, I am changing the rules to fit MY idea of how this post should go. After all, no matter what we say, in life we all have more than just one Best Friend….right?

Real Life:

  Out of all the blogs I read, I only know one of them in “real life”.  I used to work with her. We became friends and were pretty close. We would party together as couples, hang out, take shopping trips to Fargo, go out to eat at delicious restaurants and spend an ass load of money, all while laughing our asses off! We had babies weeks apart and then we got caught up in life. I was a stay at home Mom so I rarely saw her. She was super busy with her family, work and her own baby. We just didn’t see each other very often. We still talk, we facebook and I recently encouraged her to start a blog, She has AMAZING recipes that our very drool worthy! She is also very creative and is always doing some sort of cute project. With her Husband starting a railroad job keeping him out of town Mon-Thu, I think she needs a place to “get away from it all”. She loved the idea and joined the blogging band wagon, YAY! She is brand new and could use some “followers” so please stop by, check her out and hook her up with a follow! Love ya Kjerstin!

Bloggers Unite 

Mom Blog:

  This one is VERY hard to nail down. I follow so many Mom blogs. I am fighting the urge to act like my son Butch and pull a I am not going to hurt anyones feelings so I just choose EVERYONE! If I guess I am going to have to say it would be Kris over at Pretty All True, though she’s not really a Mom blogger, she is a Mom and she blogs. I originally found her on Twitter, she was tweeting back and forth with Grocery_Dad and the conversation was cracking me up. I was laughing literally out loud to the point where the kids were asking me what was so funny, I was sitting in the dining room, by myself, in the dark on the computer, no movie on, no youtube, just Twitter, the kids couldn’t understand what could be so funny, me I was ready to pee my pants, it was absolutley hilarious. I decided to check this person out. I headed over to her blog and started reading. The first post I read had me in tears. It was so heartfelt, very emotional. The next post I read was full of cuss words and I knew I was going to enjoy this blog! Her writing style is different than mine and I like that a lot! I have tried her writing style since following her and it worked great, but I don’t do it very often. Her posts vary from emotional to funny, to creative, fiction, sexy, angry, family and more. She is very intelligent and has an awesome use of words! Since that first run in, I have tweeted with her daily! I listed her in my favs on my sidebar and read every post she writes and share them with the world via twitter and facebook, because she is just that awesome! Stop by and check her out!

Pretty All True

Dad Blog:

   This one was a little difficult too. It is between two blogs and considering the writing prompt for tomorrow, he will have to wait for his day haha! My favorite Dad Blog would be the great Grocery_Dad over at No Longer Quiet. He is a night Manger at a Grocery Store and tweets a lot at night and he is hilarious! He is awesome at the whole social aspect of twitter, blogging, facebook, and Google+ . His blog is hilarious and started following him religiously after reading his Douche Bag post. I love when he calls it as he sees it and says the things I often think but haven’t posted. His STFU posts are sure to crack everyone up, well unless it’s you being told to shut the fuck up! haha! Lately it has been weather and MTV’s Teen Mom. Head over check him out..and of course follow him on Twitter too, as he loves to tweet the night away!

No Longer Quiet

Dirty Bird Blog:

   Oh this is the easiest one yet! She is another one I found through Twitter first. This hottie is awesome! She writes the posts, I wish I had the balls to publish! I am slowly letting loose and posting more true to myself and I hope I find the courage some day to say fuck it and post anything and everything I want, backlash be damned but until then I vicariously dream to blog like her! She has an awesome section called Unfastened Friday full of dirty, sexy posts similar to those found in Hustler and Playboy, last weeks version even teaching you to make a frozen sex toy. She is bound to make you blush and laugh but it’s good shit! I love that I can freak the hell out on Twitter and she is the first to reply and let me keep going to get the whole bitch session out. You have to stop by and check her out for some awesome adult reading!

Adventures in Estrogen

So there are my Bloggy best friends. I hope you check them all out and read their posts. I hope you follow their blogs and look them up on Twitter! It would be awesome if in the future you also consider them your Bloggy best friends! Now I had better get some reading done, be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out who my Bloggy Crush is!

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Bloggers Unite
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