TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/30

Thursday is here and it is time for my second edition of TV Talk Thursday!-
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TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/30

A&E Gene Simmons Family Jewels

  So last nights episode was a very emotional episode. For the cast and the viewer. Gene found out he was going back to his country of origin to accept an award. His family, including his Mother were very happy and excited for Gene, Shannon & Nick to head over to Israel and do some visiting. In this episode Shannon finds out for the first time that Gene has more family in Israel. He has a half brother and 3 half sisters. Gene becomes upset that his Mother revealed this to Shannon, who had no idea. When they arrive in Israel Shannon has a guide waiting for them. She intends on sight seeing. By the end of the day, memories start coming back to Gene, comparative pictures are shown from when Gene was little to current date and there is a huge difference. The area he grew up in has changed a lot. Shannon surprised Gene by bringing him to the house he lived in, and then to the little cafe his Mom worked at where they had his favorite snack as a child, Poppyseed cake and coffee. Afterwards Gene says he is ready to go back and get some rest. Shannon lets him know they have fancy dinner reservations. When they walk into the restaurant Shannon introduces Gene to his half brother and his half sisters and their families. Let the water works begin. The rest of the episode you will need tissues because the tears will be falling! His family lets him know they knew about him and his Mother all along but didn’t reach out to him because he wasn’t ready, but they had all met his Mother. They also let him know that he looks just like their father, so much so that his sisters are in tears from the resemblance and missing their Dad. His nieces and nephews look just like a young Nick and Sophie. He was taken aback at the beginning but by the end he was in love with his new family. The next day they all get together again and much to Genes dismay they take him to his Fathers grave. The family has a small memorial and then Gene is left to have a moment in private where he breaks down and apologizes and cries. It is a very touching moment. 
   A very rough episode to watch but if you have the chance, I suggest you watch.

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TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/30
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