TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/23

  Thursday is here and it is time for my second edition of TV Talk Thursday!-
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TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/23

A&E Gene Simmons Family Jewels
There were two new episodes

Gene starts off the episode with a quote “There’s only one thing that makes a house a home, a Mom” Nick actually seems shocked and figured he would say money. Messy Gene has a talk with Nick when he drops by the house for his dry cleaning. Gene has to admit that Shannon was not there and that she needed a little space. Nick starts to question him and Gene tries to downplay the situation suggesting general space, nothing specific finally stating “it’s about Dad” Nick is clearly upset and worried and lets his Dad know, “that Full disclosure thing you taught us about, say what you mean, mean what you say”, “You know, you have kids, things change” Before leaving the house he calls his sister Sophie to see if she can get to the bottom of the situation. Next scene is Gene talking to the therapist again, where he admits he’d do anything to have Shannon back.
When Nick shows back up to the house he wakes Gene, who walks out of his room disheveled, wearing a robe and hair messed up, Gene looks very depressed. He tells Nick a list of groceries to pick up, then asks “hows Mom doing?” Nick gives him a look, shrugs and walks out. A couple scenes later Nick stops by the hotel room to visit his Mom. Both kids let Shannon know they fully support her and think she should be at the house and Gene should be the one to stay at the hotel. Both kids openly admit to choosing Shannon’s side even though doesn’t want this to be about choosing sides. Nick visits his Dad again and gives Gene a ah huh moment, some clarity and perspective by throwing out “what would you do if some guy hurt your Mom”, you can see it hit him hard.
   A new episode begins and before the theme song kicks in a new feature pops up, Gene pops up admitting maybe his way of life and the way he lived was wrong and he is paying the price for it, I don’t know about the rest of the viewers but it shocked Chris and I. There were only a few dramatic moments in this episode. Tracy, Shannons sister walks in the house and Gene walks out of the office hoping it was Shannon only to find out it is Tracy and she is mad. She stopped by to pick up some clothes for Shannon she lets hims know that this is ridiculous and that he should be the one in a hotel, yelling You hurt my sister Gene, you suck, you really suck right now. Later in the episode Genes manager, fellow band mate and business partner show up at the house for an intervention. His manager sternly tells him he has a good woman and he is going to end up a lonely old man if he doesn’t make it work and grow up. At the end of the show Gene goes to see Nick perform at a jazz club. He walks in alone and seems very down. Women try introducing themselves, try talking to him, for the first time Gene seems annoyed that Women are paying attention to him. Sophie walks over and shoos the girls away, clearly annoyed with them. Nick takes the stage and dedicates the song to Shannon, his Mom, it’s an emotional song, a song apologizing for hurting her, Gene walks over and asks her to dance, she instantly embraces him and starts to cry, It is a very tender moment. They go home together, Gene talks to her and apologizes for his behavior and lets her know he is working on it. “without you, I’m pretty much nothing” Show ends with the two of them in the therapists office, Shannon moved back home, and they admit to working on their relationship. YAY!! We will have to see what’s in store for next week, hopefully things start looking up from here.

Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch
  This weeks episode was pretty uneventful. The only thing I have to report is a nasty injury on the Northwestern. Crabbing during heavy, rough seas The picking hook came loose and smashed Nic in the face, he instantly drops to the deck. When he gets inside his nephew Jake Anderson keeps watch in the wheelhouse while Sig checks on Nic. He is hurt pretty bad, the hook hit the bridge of his nose and it is clearly broken. Sig calls the nearest hospital and asks for advice, after talking about it the dr. says theres no immediate need for treatment and that Nic is very lucky! when it comes time for the guys to get back to work and pull the second string of pots, Jake stops by the wheelhouse and Sig sees he is visibly shaken from the incident and he is scared. The realization of how dangerous this job is has finally hit Jake and he is scared to the core. When he is out on deck he quotes Edgar “It’s not if, It’s when”

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TV Talk Thursday Blog Hop 6/23
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