Summer Learning, Don’t Let Your Kids be Statistics!

Prevent Summer Slide with Printable Worksheet Curriculum

      Now that I have your attention, let me start by shocking you half to death. Did you know over summer vacation school age children and teens loose an average of 30%-40% of the information they learned from the start of the last school year, IF they have no summer practice. Yep, it’s true! If kids run out and play all day and watch tv or play video games all night all the hard work they did during school and over the winter will be forgotten.

     Outlandish some might say, but no. Think back to when we were in school. Did you even wonder why the first month we seemed to go over what we learned the year before? Now some schools have to go over this information even longer, while trying to cram new information in. I know when I was younger I was out playing all day long and on weekends we were out of town or at the lake and as I got older partying with friends. This problem is getting worse as children are learning things earlier and faster. My eight year old’s 2nd grade class ended the year leaning division and simple fractions! WHAT 2nd grade? It seems to me we didn’t start division until 3rd grade and fractions started at the end of 4th, IF we got around to it.

      Times are changing and our parenting and summer plans might need to change as well. I heard this statistic 2 years ago and decided I needed to help my kids improve their chances of success. MeMe is a little behind her grade as it is with her learning disability from her prematurity. Butch on the other hand is very forgetful and lackadaisical. So I started working on designing a summer program for my kids the best I can.

    I start around the end of April. I talk with the kids current teachers and ask what the kids are struggling with now and if there are things they need to work on. Then I talk to a teacher from their next grade level and ask about some of the things they will be working on next year, and what the core goals and tasks will be for that year. From there I go and buy binders for each child, 2″ seems to work best for the amount of work I give them. Then I head to the internet and start printing like crazy! Here are a few of my favorite sites oh and bonus FREE!
We also use these two sites though there is a small membership fee
  It is also very important to have your children read everyday! The more the better. Not only will it improve their reading skills but it will increase their imagination as well. Having a specific schedule for study time and reading time helps keep everyone including us parents on task. Oh and remember, it IS summer, so be sure to get out in the sun and play, have a good time too! If you have any questions I would love to help! Good Luck and happy learning!
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  1. I have three kids who will be turning 8, 8, and 10 this summer. I’m with you! We need to keep them thinking and learning over the summer. Thanks for the links. I write a blog called Beginning Reading Help if you are interested in ways to help a reader.

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    Hope you follow back.

  3. We love TLS!! Thanks for the others!

  4. Amen sister!!
    My daughter is a teacher – she says, exactly as you have, she spends the first 4-6 weeks reteaching what the kids learned the year before. I love the concept of year round school – for these reasons. Much better to have smaller, evenly spaced vacations.
    Just stopping by to say Hi and thank you for joining the Tuesday Train!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post – I’ve been gathering summer learning supplies here too and I am excited to go and check out the links you provided!

  6. Only one of my friends ever mentioned this and that was many years ago now-even then she had her son doing something over the summer break. I honestly don’t remember forgetting anything-but then schools seem to force memorization instead of learning these day especially.

  7. Those are shocking statistics! I am embarrassed to admit it but I am bribing my two tween nieces to read this summer. I might have to incorporate some of these resources, although I’ll be broke by the end of summer.

  8. I do remember forgetting a lot of the previous year’s lesson even in high school. My mom usually just encouraged us to read over summer break, which we loved doing anyway.

  9. I remember summer reading. I would sometimes devour 3 or more books a day! I couldn’t get enough but I was always a reader. Not so much as an adult. Maybe I’ll change that this summer

  10. Our district sends home flyers for all the free learning activities happening all summer long. It takes some of the guess work out of trying to figure out what to do with the kiddo over the summer. This year however he is leaving home and heading to summer camp in CT.

  11. That doesn’t surprise me. That’s honestly why as a homeschooling mom we do school off and on year round. We make sure the kids have plenty of “non school time” and actually enjoy the topics they want to learn about.

  12. Don’t forget to play though! Social intelligence is just as, if not MORE important than, intellectual intelligence. Summer camps are pretty awesome too! Can’t wait for my kids to get older and experience that.

  13. I have to say that I lucked out and both my boys have inherited my love for reading. My oldest hates Math so that is quite an obstacle, but my youngest one has a real love for school and learning

  14. Interesting that you post this – I was just looking into getting an at home summer curriculum that I could do during the summer months. My oldest will be entering kindergarten and I don’t want her to be behind… Plus, a little extra learning never hurts, right?

  15. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Definitely pinning this post. I have already purchased some summer learning products for my kids. I will definitely also be accessing the links you provided.

  17. Wow. You’re on the ball! Great inspiration for this mama of an almost kindergartener!

  18. Awesome! I always kept my kids busy with “brain fun” during the summertime. It made a huge difference apparently because they are all thriving in college now!

  19. Hi Miranda,
    I think that it’s important that we have our kids improve their minds and education while they can. I know my mom had me go to the library when I was young and at the time, I had fun, but now I realize now thinking about it why she did it. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. Thanks for the great tips! We are moving this summer and I really want to keep our daughter school ready for fall.

  21. I have 2 kids who love to learn, so I am lucky in that they enjoy reading and learning all year round. The summer can be a time when kids lose a lot of their retention from the previous year.

  22. I am a homeschool mom, we homeschool all year long, I am going to check out math drills – thanks!

  23. I love this! I try so hard to keep my girls focused on education during the summer, but I will admit… we get lazy!

  24. I so believe this! Kids need to be constantly motivated!

  25. I definitely think they need to keep their brain ticking over, my eldest is currently doing his end of school exams before going to college. One of the best things that has really helped him and was recommended by his teacher was the exam board site on youtube for his sciences, its brilliant.

  26. good tips to stay focused all year round!

  27. I can believe those stats, knowing how quickly I forget things I’ve just learned. lol I don’t have children, but I did enjoy reading your post! Thanks so much!

  28. Thanks so much for these resources!! I already know what one of my kids needs a lot of practice over the summer. This will help me so much!

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