Time to Gripe

So, it’s that time again! Time to vent about a couple things that have been bothering me. We will start with my frustration with The Discovery Channel.  As most of you know I love the show Deadliest Catch. I have been watching for a few years and have even gone back and watched from the beginning via Netflix.
I have seen every episode thus far. I have laughed and cried watching over the years. After watching many episodes I have 3 favorite boats. Time Bandit with Captains Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand, Northwestern with Captain Sig Hansen and Deck Boss/Engineer Edgar Hansen and Cornelia Marie with the Harris brothers Jake & Josh. So far this season Cornelia Marie has been hard for me to watch. Captain Phil Harris passed away and sadly no longer runs the boat leaving Jake & Josh trying to learn the ropes while a different Captain has stepped in for the time being. I strongly dislike this captain. He is power hungry and rude to the Harris brothers. Yelling at one point something to the tune of, everyone loses a parent, get over it, move on.  Really? Are you freaking kidding me, talk about captain insensitive! What an ass!  Maybe it’s just me but I think this Captain needs to go. My second gripe concerning discovery Channel and Deadliest Catch is the lack of air time the three veteran boats are getting. I think so far this season Time Bandit has probably only had 20 minutes worth of coverage and I am sure I am estimating way more than the actual amount. The Northwestern has had a bit more coverage but nothing like the coverage these three boats have had on the past seasons. Two new boats have joined the cast this year and they have the majority of the show and I am fed up! The fans LOVE these three boats and we are getting screwed! I follow these men on twitter, facebook, blogs, websites and Youtube, and it’s not just me, they have a huge fan base and following! They all feel the same way. I think Discovery Channel should peruse these pages and comments that are flying around out there. They might want to thunk about this because they are going to start losing viewers if they aren’t careful! The Deadliest Catch Time Bandit Facebook page has 62,938 likes, Johnathan Hillstrands Facebook Fan Page has 26,342 likes Andy Hillstrands Facebook Fan Page has 16,036 likes Johnathan has 30,276 followers on Twitter and Andy has 17,474 Over on the Northwestern their numbers their Facebook Fan Page has 344,062 fans and Captain Sig Hansen’s Fan Page has 341,309 fans the Gorgeous Edgar Hansen has a Facebook Fan page as well and has 199,052 fans Sig Hansen also has Twitter and has 31,414 followers Edgar has lower numbers on twitter with 5,794 followers. These numbers prove that there is a fan base out there and we want more air time of our three favorites, Time Bandit, Northwestern and Cornelia Marie. Please Discovery Channel and Deadliest Catch, help us out!
   Moving along to my next topic, The Royal Family. Ok seriously people they had a beautiful wedding, Kate was a stunning Bride, the whole thing was very nice and elegant. Now Leave them alone! I am sick to death of opening up my Internet to find 3 different stories on my homepage about what the Royals and the Middleton family is up to today. (I know, sorry for the profanity) but Shit, get over it now, did we not learn a damn thing from Princess Di? These damn paparazzi are out of control. I realize that the get paid a huge amount of money for basically stalking these people but enough is enough! They are a young couple trying to live their lives, leave them alone. My second half of this Royal bitching has to do with the Middleton family. Seriously? What is your obsession with the family. I know the saying goes you don’t just marry your love, you marry the whole damn family, but this again is taking it too far! I don’t want to know or see every damn picture the sister has been in since she was 5 and why the hell are you scrutinizing and judging her for her past, her clothes, etc. Everyone has a past. Meddling in the Middleton family and their past is none of our business! Not yours. mine or the lady down the street. I think people need to lay off and get back to the issues at hand, kids, family, education, economy, gas prices etc. etc. etc. LEAVE THEM ALONE! next……
 My next complaint has to do with the TLC’s show Extreme Couponing. I have watched several episodes and LOVE it! However I think America was in for a huge surprise when we all realized that this does not work for everyone, not even close. I think it gave us all a wake up call and we have started using coupons more frequently but it is just not an option for some of us. I myself got all amped up from the show too and started clipping coupons like crazy, went out and bought a neat little coupon wallet and started organizing when I realized this wasn’t going to happen for my family or anyone else in Detroit Lakes. We only have 2 options for grocery buying and one of those is Wal-mart. I called both stores and checked the coupon policy like it instructed in the show. Neither store has a double coupon or triple coupon day, there goes that idea! They also don’t have in store rewards programs, there goes that step, The local newspaper only prints twice a week, and there is never major retail coupons inside. Our circulars consist of McDonalds, A&W, Subway, Local Grocery store weekly circular with maybe 3 coupons with max limits of 3, and our local hardware stores. The Fargo Forum has some decent coupons on Sunday, but you pay more for the paper than you get out of the coupons you clip. So that leaves me with what? after all is said and done I might be lucky enough to save 8 dollars on our monthly shopping trip for supplies and groceries. I guess thats better than nothing, but it ain’t nothing compared to those shoppers. DAMN
  Well, I guess that was all when it came to my complaint box lately hahahaha. As you know blogger was down for awhile and some of us lost posts and some of our gadgets are not working. I am trying to fix this and hope to have everything back in order tomorrow afternoon sometime, but in the meantime please hang in there, I’m still new at all this. It is getting kind of late and my eyelids are getting pretty heavy so I am going to get to bed. Until next time, stop by some of those links and check it out and enjoy the videos!  ~Miranda~

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Time to Gripe


Please Take A Moment, Click to Vote for My Blog!

Time to Gripe


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  1. I’m glad you mentioned the extreme couponing thing. I’m in Canada and have never heard of such a thing – the only type of coupon I’ve ever seen is a discount from the price (ie save $1 or 20%, etc). You would never be able to get a huge cart full of stuff for nothing.
    I also think the stockpiling thing is totally immoral. There are people going hungry and without basic supplies all over the world, including within North America, and you got all this stuff for free, and you just keep it in your garage to look at? That’s downright sinful. I can’t even watch the show anymore, actually. It makes me sick.

  2. I would like the media to take a break from the Royal Family too! Following you from the Weekend Gathering Hops! Would love it if you LIKE my page: http://www.facebook.com/flightlessgoose.”

  3. Totally get both the royal wedding and extreme couponing thing (I just did a post on the couponing one! LOL
    I have been saying for years LEAVE them alone! First of all in all honesty I just don’t care about the royals! I really don’t! Just let them live their lives! GOODNESS! Second of all they are young and (hold on to your hats people) they are HUMAN! they make mistakes. The only difference between them and us is that THEIR mistakes go in the gossip magazines. How would YOU like your worse day printed for all to see?
    Extreme couponing… Well I have a a post on this on my blog! Down here we do have all they say in the show but I have heard that AZ is one of THE most competitive markets in the US. Come check my post when you get a chance!
    I am one of the co-hosts from the finding new friends blog hop! Hope to see you on all my blogs! (I even have a giveaway on one and I will have another one too!

  4. Thank You all for stopping by, I dropped by all of your blogs and if I wasn’t already following, I am now! Glad to see there are others out there that not only read my posts but agree! hahaha! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

  5. Ok, I love Deadliest Catch and couldn’t agree more, I also agree about the royal wedding…geesh! And for the extreme couponing…It’s just a big let down! I mean I love the show because it’s amazing to me at how those folks save but I wanna save like that too but it seems nearly impossible to do it! Grrrr!
    Anyway, I’m stopping by from the SSS Hop! I hope you come and join us again next week!
    P.S. I voted for your blog as well!

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    Odahingum of Diversity Unlimited

  7. Thanks for reminding me how annoying it is that I don’t live in an area where I could save enough money couponing to make buying the paper worth it!

  8. Following from super stalker Saturday!

  9. I’m your newest follower. Check out my blog and follow back when you get a chance.
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  10. I haven’t gotten into Extreme Couponing, bit I’ve read some other bloggers reviews of it and it sounds like some of the stuff on that show is a bit shady. I might have to watch it sometime just to see what I think!
    I’m stopping by from this week’s Super Stalker Sunday hop! Thanks for participating! I hope you’ll join us again next week!
    Mariah, FormulaMom

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  13. I agree with you about the Royal Wedding, although to be honest, I really could not have cared less about the whole event. It’s not like I was getting married, or even someone I knew, so why would I want to get up at 4am to watch them get married? I don’t even know that I’d get up that early for a relative’s wedding, lol!
    I’m visiting from Super Stalker Sunday. I’m stalking you on GFC and NB now, I was already following on Twitter and FB.

  14. Love your blog! Following back.

  15. I can’t watch ‘Deadliest Catch’ knowing people actually die on that job. It would be heart breaking to like a character and then have him die. The show is a little dark for me.
    Extreme couponing – totally get that. My Food Lion doesn’t double either. I have to travel an hour to double anything. I can’t just run out and do a huge deal like some people. I feel your pain.
    Royals – yes, leave them alone. Worse, now they’re focusing on Pippa. I think France has it right. They have some strict paparazzi laws.
    Finally, I’m here from a Blog Hop! Please stop by to visit me sometime soon.

  16. Stopping in again today! Two days in a row!! Following you from the Pink Dandy Sunday Blog Hop!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  17. I totally agree with the Extreme Couponing gripe. I haven’t watched the show because I don’t have cable but I’ve seen these ladies on the Rachel Ray show and other daytime TV shows. I really don’t get it. How do they buy shopping carts full of ish for only $2? Or they get money back?? I don’t live near any place that does double coupons or anything like that either. Oh well, I just try to shop smart and clip coupons as I see them.
    Anyway, I found you via the TGIF blog hop and I am a new GFC follower! I hope you can check out my blog if you get a chance! Thanks!
    knit purl baby

  18. I just love your gripes!
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  20. I’m not a Deadliest Catch fan, just not my style of show. The extreme couponing I’ve never watched either but from what I hear it’s pretty crazy and most of the people are nothing more than hoarders. I really like the idea but I think that if you are going to do it to the extreme like that you NEED to donate what you don’t NEED. You are still saving all that money and helping out a lot of people at the same time.
    Thanks for participating in the Sundae hop, I’m following you from there. If you haven’t already checked out my blog I sure would appreciate it.

  21. Oh I lied I guess I was already following you lol, I’m not sure i ever left a comment saying so though but either way thanks for participating in the Sundae hop!

  22. Now following from the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop! I haven’t seen The Deadliest Catch since the Captain died. Thanks for the update!! ~Lisa
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  23. Following you after finding you on a blog hop this weekend!

  24. Okay, I am new to the whole couponing thing too and all that is near me is Walmart too. The good thing about Walmart is they do price match. If you bring in an ad that says something is cheaper somewhere else, they will match that price. Also, for coupons you don’t have to rely on your Sunday circular. There are websites where you can print out coupons. Google and see which ones you like. Also, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid have some good deals as well. So, if you have one of those near you then look into that.
    I’m your new follower from Relax and Surf! I’d love it if you’d follow back. (:
    Nikki Layne
    Twitter: MommiesWrite”

  25. I’m not completely thrilled with the new season of Deadliest Catch either. The focus on the two new captains annoys me but I’m sure Discovery feels the viewing public will follow the show regardless of the boats featured. The captain on the Cornelia, yes, a pompous ass, to say the least.
    Couponing works in the way you, I and most shoppers utilize it. Having stockpiles that rival most warehouse shopping facilities..in your home, can be overwhelming. Are these people buying brands they like, and use, or is this just planned “hype” to bring attention to this show? I’d bet that most are re-selling a lot of these products at tag sales or local flea markets.
    Yes, yes..Blogger, aka “Bugger” is running again but not without glitches. I’m so angered over their lack of proper communication with users over that crash. Jerks!
    Have a lovely week-end!

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  27. Hi, your gripes echo mine. I spent over $250.00 in groceries yesterday and was quite happy with my purchase. Granted it was from Aldi’s, but had I gone to Walmart, I would have spent double.
    Great blog

  28. Hello,
    I have never watched The Deadliest Catch, but maybe I’ll check it out. Gotta love Netflix. Stopping by from the Swingin’ by Sunday blog hop. I have a giveaway ending in a couple days that only one person has entered. It’s for a free 11oz bag of herbal coffee. Have a great night

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